Exploring the Cosmic Canvas: A Galactic Artwork Journey

Imagine we would probably have, who’s the big old asteroidal body just hanging out here? Doesn’t have to be the straightest thing you’ve ever seen. Could be a big old hunk and chunk of rock. Just a weird old thing. Right? The more paint that you put on it, the bigger it gets, the closer it’s gonna seem to us, right? The smaller it is, the further away it’s going to seem. Or that’s a big ass piece of rock if it’s closer to the black hole than our planet is. Right? All depends how you want it to look. Maybe out here we’ll chuck in just a monster.

And then I’m gonna let cosmic decide which one of these bad boys is gonna get a lighthouse on it cuz that’s what she wants. That’s all she ever wants. Lighthouse is on. Lighthouse is this woman. So I’m gonna let her decide which one of these humongo bodies of singing. And maybe not this guy because he’s too small, right? But maybe he just popped, right? Kind of that thing flying, maybe came out into our universe, quote unquote.

Now I’m gonna switch to the small side of the knife. We’re gonna start making little things. And I know it just breaks your heart to put any amount of darkness over all that beautiful color. I get it. Trust, right? Different angles, different shapes each time. Don’t make them all the same. Little guy over there, little guy around the edge, bank. Just little things. We don’t want to have too many flying around going down into the abyss.

Alright, come over here. And we got a little bit bigger of a guy. He’s a weird looking shape things that just a weird spiky looking blob right out there. Of course we gotta have one up here. Doesn’t need to be too big and thing doesn’t have to be a perfect circle or anything. Looks like that Batmobile. Oh, man. No, I don’t like it. I don’t like it. And we change the shape. There we go. That’s better. Little craziness out there in space. All we’re gonna need couple little bits, little chunks that like might have broken off. They’re flying next to it in tandem. Everything you need, guys, is out there in space from every mineral and everything. That guy out there with this whole crazy action piece. Don’t, somebody don’t let me forget about this guy. He’s very dark in my vision. I can’t really see him. All right. There we go. Very cool couple little pieces out there.

Now the fun part comes. We get to highlight all those guys, right? Just a bit of white. Maybe we’ll go a bit of pinky. Oh, that pink at a crimson with a white. Holy. Slowly now down here in the blue to really make it stand out, right? What if we came in, tapped in, made it just that crazy sort of pinkish little asteroidal butt out here? You never know. Asteroidal bodies, right? Get down there. Maybe there’s a bit more brightness over here. Over there. Just let it flow through, right? We get to decide what it looks like. Nobody else come in and tell us what to do. Sure. We had a little half falls right there and then, hey, along the edge. You don’t know. It could happen. Weird little things all out there in the night. Right now, this side would have much more darkness to it if that were the case. All up us, what do we want them to look like? We had a stuff hanging out there right now. Let’s go in from our white over to our Cerulean blue, which is almost like a. I can tell but not dream super teal blue. Now off of this guy right over here, because that blue is gonna stand out against all those other things. More bits of color hang you like you’re not expecting to see blue right there, which is why you put the blue right there. This guy, we need to get out on his edge in a few bits. Just a crazy old pizza. I see rock or something, some sort of something that some shadows back underneath. Can’t be that, right. There we go. There’s a hunker. Looks like a Tetris piece almost. That’s a, that’s definitely a Tetris piece flying through the sky. Definitely the dark right underneath him to give him some depth.

All right, what are we gonna do next? We got made a yellow one yet, guys? Let’s go into white and let’s go into our Indian yellow. And it becomes a super bright orangey bit. Go along the bottom of this guy, start tapping in these little bits of orange, right? Not everything has to be all the same amount brightness, never this and the other, right? Not every bit could be a whole asteroid of gold, literal gold flying out there in space and time. But because it’s a different color to its surrounding, it takes your eye to that spot. What are we gonna make? This guy gotta be green, right? Gotta be green out here. We haven’t done green yet. Let’s go with our sap green, a little bit of our white down in there.

Bingo. Take this guy right off his tops. Couple little bits out there floating in the night. That guy needs to be darker. So just gonna touch him more until he becomes darker. And if I need to, I can go back in and add some darkness just to have him have a dark bottom. Right? One more little piece of blue up on this guy. It’s a little touch, nothing crazy. And then we’re gonna go green on our last dude over here. Tapping along the bottom cuz that’s where all of our light would be if we’re catching light from our black holes, sucking all these stars into the abyss. And all of our light would be on the bottom. We can just taps very lightly along the top, creating all those little different things, right?

We get to choose, guys. Nobody else come tell us it shouldn’t look like within my Indian yellow in there just to brighten up certain places. And all of a sudden, look a little thing right out there, right in the night. Okay, we only got a few left. So you guys come up with a title for this guy. What are we gonna name this little painting out here? The vastness of space. So I tried to attach it to that little guy. I didn’t wanna go. So don’t try to force it. Don’t force it, that’s for sure. A little bit of pink right on the edge. Oh, gorgeous right there. Fabulous. Yes. Little teeny, tiny touches, guys. That’s great. I don’t like that one. I like that one. He says that one he done does says have a lot brighter right there. Bit of red. Maybe let’s throw a bit of yellow on that guy, too, just cuz he’s out here in the front.

Now, cosmic, which one of these, since you know you’re gonna ask me to put on a lighthouse, so which one of these is getting a lighthouse? I’m already prepped for it. I’m already ready. Even though, I mean, for once, I don’t think this one needs a lighthouse. I mean, your name is Cosmic Lighthouse. I assume you’re wanting a lighthouse, one of them.

Man, that’s cool. Oh, we forgot a guy. You forgot a guy. This guy needs to be like blue or something to stand away from all that yellowy greenness. Right? And the bottom of it leaving the top dark. And that way casses own shadow, right? Just like that, guys. It’s so fired. So fire. Cosmic. I know you want a lighthouse on one of these. I’m gonna give you one. Just one.