Musings on TikTok Fame, Childhood Memories, and Mama’s Boyfriends

Where you feature TikTok experience. Yeah, you have what, a couple thousand followers, I understand, give or take. Okay. Has anybody made you hot and bothered? Yes. Or that I, I just joke around with these. Joke around. But are we making you hot and bothered? No, we just say no. Okay. No. And I had to ask the thing about the mom’s boyfriend.

Alright, you leaders are all alright, children, alright, you. And then he works at a grocery store. 70,90. For some day, Emily only left the note on the door. She said, sunny, move back to the country everyone love by now. Is that all you get for your money? It seems such a waste of time if that’s what you’re all about, Mama, if that’s.

I like you make us. Only one day I’d be just.

Like you make us all right. You make this all right to make this.

When I become my mama’s boyfriends. Alright. All right. All he walked in, I laughed. I was only 5. Superman pajamas. I was super duper fly sitting there like, wow, he at least super sad. You know what scruganize like who doesn’t know a guy? I’m a mama boyfriend. I’m a little husband. I was the man of the house when it wasn’t trying to get to know me, only just kill the child you weren’t interested in me. You just trying to my mom.

We are the voices of our parents. Bad choices. The aftermath of the forces. The kids are bitter split UPS and Baby City’s friend parents that don’t know what to do with us. And the last thing I wanna see if mama’s new figure you own. No spikes, wearing short chain, wearing dress shoes and jacket, pants, wearing shirt, socks, wearing when you first stop wearing about your appearance when you get in anyway, I already get parents on. Alright you, alright you alright children.

Alright, you should never argue with it. And you wanna know my layout, you’ll be better than when you go time. Is that all you get for your money play? And if that’s what you had in mind, yeah, that’s what you’re all about. Good luck moving up your time. Alright, you go right. You go alright. Alright, children tomorrow. Alright, you.