Collection of Random Conversations and Musings

Halo alami lawa di mall di awal. นี่รอดีโบนัสแชร์กี่ปีตีแยกอะเดอะฟาสต์เนอะ. Thế là chỉ vì thefire má má thì bà làm. Generations of hàm ếch.

Hello, bear cutie. What’s your name? Little snuffball. This is Bowser. Well, hello, Bowser.

I don’t know, as.

News, is this really long side from a to B? Would that be correct? Exactly. Well done. Now that you’ve identified the hypothesis.

อ๋อแล้วเย็นชาเลยกลัวมันจะฟูน้ําเลยวูสุดเลยใช่ไหมตูสิวไอซ์หยาบๆอ่ะแคมเมลเน็ตหยาบเดียวมาลุ้นระหว่างเวลาแบบคริสยาในสูบหมาก. Yeah, I wanna.

Hey, has it been going, have you been up to anything interesting recently? Hola, cómo te ha ido? ¿Has hecho algo interesante últimamente? Hola bien, sí, un poco ocupado aquí preparando un evento para la semana que viene. Hey, I’ve been good. Just a bit busy here preparing for an event next week.

Do you ever know?


Is the king in residence at the moment? Yes, it looks like the king is in residence right now. The Royal Standard flag is flying above Buckingham Palace, which is a signal that the monarch is present. How exciting to be there while the.

Dia meyakini sosial new camry madu yang niao ya ladies wanita tua ini ya maaf q 2 tanah Jawa Bali. Tentu ada lukisan autobiografi.

Hrjpt, can you count from 1 to 10 for me, please? Course 1,2,3. Hey, actually, that’s a little slow. Could you count faster? Sure thing. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Okay.


Let’s try with some love eyes. Could you sing me a lot by about majestic potatoes, a lullaby about majestic potatoes. Now that’s what I call a mash up. Let’s do it. Oh, majestic potato in the moon sock. Okay, that’s pretty nice.

I just need to know, do I look presentable, professional? Well, Rocky, you definitely have the. I’ve been coding all night lookdown, which could actually work in your favor.

Must. Siang apa nanti ya pengen naik tadi juga udah asy laut yang lain.

She may. Cool. What about, what are these objects in Spanish? The objects you’re showing are unamansana and umpatino in Spanish. Nice for a choice. What about these, those are those polygraphs or those plumas in Spanish?


Hey, oh, this is Joe. I’m going to connect you to Acme Telco now. The new iPhone they sent me isn’t working. I want you to send. I want you to get them to send me a replacement device. Can you take care of this for me? You can count on me, Joe. I got this ring. Hey, Joe, this is Jamie from Acme Telgo. How can I help you out today? Hi there. I’m calling on behalf of Joe, who recently.

เลบนัลเขตจะมาซัดดิสนีย์เจ้าตัวอย่างไรสุดเยอะมารวมถึงใกล้เมนูใหญ่เนอะไรท์ย้ายเชียร์ขนาด. Ya dulu sih aku dicaci di formasi c 2. I don’t know how. And then.