Fleeting Fame: Reflections on Identity in the Digital Age

Is it was your name, this fleeting claim. You trade your worth for a moment’s game. You’re caught up in the famous flow. Your values crash. Where did they go? Who did you trade? What did you show? He go inflate but your heart sink slow by the spring glare. You’re fading fast, trading reel for the light. But how long will it last? Now you’re firing. Down you go. She says, I put your souls on. Can you see what you think a shadow’s find? You let the shoot for a lie. Now a real user one see me all your eyes. You know I hate it when you treat that famous nice. Hate it when you lose yourself in. Don’t you leave your pet. Chase the shadows, lose your mind stretching away. I look at a few in this game of likes we play roulette with our souls, watch the numbers climb, but they’re just digging holes. Where’s the love we crave in this digital despair?

We’re saying who we are for a world that doesn’t care. It’s a downward spin and we’ve lost control. Speaking banes and rays by taking it fall, drowning in the street. There we seek your love. See in the surface, forgetting upward, look what we become. I see. Avatar chasing out who is collecting shallows. I see the maze. We’re in this line with mirrors and oh, we’re tripping on our pride, on the word we never spoke. Take a step back and hear the sound, broken echoes where our love was found.

We push and pull for free celebrities. Do you think that human in a digital race, we’re staying far from who we used to be, forging our shames in the land of the free. Every heartbreak, it cuts teeth. Becoming stars we keep trapped by screens. We’re living beings in this dissonance and banner, wake up, fade out, we’re coasting a digital shout, our touch, our talk replace with lonely walks, TikTok clickbait, we’re fishing for a heartbreak in the mirror. There are a stranger who are we’d wager.