America Last: A Call to Stop Funding Foreign Wars and Prioritize National Security and Citizens

And meant the Bill for Ukraine take each dollar amount in this act is hereby reduced to zero. You see, the United States taxpayer has already sent $113 billion to Ukraine and a lot of that money is unaccounted for.

This is a continuance of a sick business model that the American government continues, the federal government continues to fund the military industrial complex. And this is a business model that requires Congress to continue to vote for money to continue to fund foreign wars. And this is a business model the American people do not support. They don’t support a business model built on blood and murder and war in foreign countries while this very government does nothing to secure our border. The American people are over $34 trillion in debt and the debt is rising by over $40 billion every single night while we all sleep. But yet nothing is done to secure our border or reduce our debt. Inflation has driven out of control.

Americans are suffering every single day. They can hardly afford their grocery bills. They can hardly afford gas in their car. They can hardly afford rent. And now mortgage payments are well over three thousand dollars where they were only just over 17 hundred dollars three years ago. The youngest generation, young adults, don’t even think they’re going to be able to buy a home in their lifetime.

And today in Congress, the most important thing that this body think should be done is to send another $61 billion to a war in Ukraine that the American people by 70% do not support. Mind you, this comes on the very heels of Monday being April 15th, Tax Day, where every single American had to scrounge up their money and send their dollars in to the IRS or some of them had to file extensions because they weren’t ready and didn’t have the money to pay their taxes.

But today, this body says the most important thing we can do. No. Is not reduce spending. That’s not it. Not to do anything to drive down inflation. Oh, no, we can’t do that for the American people. It’s not to secure our own border that is invaded every single day by people from over 160 different countries. No, don’t secure the American border. Let everyone in. We have over 1.8 million known godways. We don’t know who these people are. And yet you have members of this body talking big and tough about, oh, we have to defeat Russia. Oh, we have to protect Ukraine. But yet all of you are unwilling to protect the American citizens that pay your paycheck, pay the light bills in this building and pay for this entire federal government. For what? For nothing. Ukraine is not even a member of NATO. Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

But the most important thing you hear in Washington, DC is, oh, we have to spend Americans hard earned tax dollars over to Ukraine and keep the money going to continue to murder Ukrainians, wipe out an entire generation of Ukrainian men so that their widows, their fatherless orphans, there are not enough men to work in their industries.

Oh, but you really support Ukraine. What kind of support is that? It’s repulsive. You know, shame on the American government if we support our military, we should be funded to build up our weapons and ammunition, not to send it over to foreign countries to kill foreign peoples.

And if this body was worth what it claims to be, what it is, every single one of us would be demanding peace in Ukraine between these countries, peace for these people so that no more of them have to die. But you never hear anybody demanding peace. No. Peace is the last thing Washington wants because it doesn’t fit the business model. This is a business model that they say continues our economy, protects American jobs. What a disgusting business model. We should have a business model that builds up our American companies and American jobs to serve American interest and our military and our government should care about protecting the national security of the United States of America and the Americans that pay their hard earned tax dollars to fund all of this. America last. America last. That’s all this is. Every single day. America last. General, woman’s time has expired. I yelled.