Living Cost Analysis: The Income Needed for Comfortable Living in Different States

This is the income we all need to be making in our states be able to live comfortably. It’s time for all of us to move. Where we going, y’all? Where are we going? Find your state. I live in Hawaii. I should be making $295,000 a year. This is based on two working adults. So if you don’t have two adults in a household, then just you and having two children. So if you have more than two children, do the math. I don’t know what the math is.

Like, look at California. I remember back in there were like living in California was like, oh my gosh, that’s one of the most expensive states to live in. They’re all up there with Kelly and Hawaii. I mean, I can’t even, when I say cannot afford to live here.

Now, mind you, I knew that moving back here, I move back to Hawaii this summer. I lived here seven years ago because my ex husband lives here and I wanna be a co parent with my daughter, him for my daughter and be able to teach the most amazing school that I teach at.

I love my life. I love Hawaii, but I simply cannot afford to live here based on my salary, which is why I teach 4 days of after school activities. This is minute video, minute long. I do videos over a minute long on this here app. I have to, if you are living this off of one income, comment down below what you do if you living off of more than one income, how many incomes are you living on? And we’re still, it’s still not enough. And this is why this was done February 14th,2024. So it is extremely current. I just, I don’t know how well you can see the other states on the size is a little blurred out on mine. But somebody says, I’m like, are you kidding me? Like, Mississippi is the lowest. It’s still 178,000 a year. I just can’t.

I’m currently living with my ex husband. She’s on a seven month deployment. Thank goodness for this year that I’ve been able to do that. But in two months, I’m getting my own place. This is what I am looking at. Okay? Everything is so expensive. As beautiful as this home is, I cannot afford this home. I also don’t need a 3 bedroom house. I would love one. I would love 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths with a loft. I would love that.

But I’m looking more towards the two bedroom, one bath, because that’s what I can sort of kind of afford. This is like the lowest. I will see like the lowest and it makes me wanna when I click on this, probably like 500 square feet looks kind of big in this picture, but everything is like 2000+.

And honestly, that wasn’t too far off when I was even in mainland. I was in Hawaii 7 years ago. I move to Maryland to independent make an eye back for good forever. Here’s some other ones also. Hawaii is a really tricky place to rent. It is currently May 14. I’m starting to see some things saying available July 1st. I’m trying to move the end of July. I don’t see anything that says, it says available now and that means it’s gonna be gone. There’s no way when it comes to rentals. But yeah, this is what I’m looking at. And luckily I don’t have a carnow, but I wanna be able to like, I don’t wanna be house for I don’t want all my money to go into just at home. I wanna be able to travel and shop and do the things that we love and eat out and have experiences and go to plays and theater. Like the fact I have to weigh all of those things.

My daughter is currently in 7 after school activities. I want her to do all of those if she wants to, plus more. I wanna get her membership to places like the fact that the things that we’re having to weigh just to be able to live and have the minimum, the basic necessities, it’s just ridiculous.

My car was in the shop. I just gotta get Shay. So I was me the most interesting people, the Uber drivers are the most interesting people. The hands down. Like I meet the most amazing people when I have to take uvers. But my Uber Javier shows basically saying he’s retired and he was good two years ago and now he can’t afford it. Like his retirement is not enough so he drives Ubers in the morning. He basically said everything went up 35% and his income didn’t.

I’ve never really known the percentage of how much things have gone up, but you feel it, right? You feel it with gas, you feel little groceries, you fill it with rent, you fill it with everything. But then just looking at this is just like, bro, what are we doing? And this is live comfortably.

Your definition of comfort is not my definition of comfort. My definition of comfort is traveling every couple months. I am comfortable when I can do that. My definition of comfort is pay for certain services that are just like, you know what I mean? So what does comfort even mean? Does comfort mean eating a warm meal every day? Is that comfort? Or does comfort mean go not to eat two to three times a week? So this is, I feel like is the bare minimum you need to make to live comfortably. I’m scared. I really am. And I sit in a joke away, but I don’t regret move back to why at all. I’m gonna do everything I have to do because when I look at this, I mean, how much better is it anywhere else? And obvious, honestly, what I’m getting as far as my daughter’s well being, be able to raise around her dad, no amount of money can compare to that, right? But obviously, we have to live. We have to survive.

I was her piano recital this weekend and I’m always counting money in my head cuz I know how much I pay for her and I’ve never known how many kids her piano teacher has cuz it’s a 1 to 1. So when I go to only my daughter by the recital, all the kids were there and I was counting. Okay, maybe I was adding up her. Hello, Manny. I say, oh, that’s kidding. Okay, girl. So I was like, what could I start doing that would not? And that’s why I love this here app.

Cuz a, I get to share and connect with all of you, but also I’m not taking time away from my daughter. I teach four days of after school activity. She’s an all 4 with me.

So for me, it’s like, if I’m gonna do something else to make money, it needs to make sense for my motherhood, my lifestyle, my time. So I’m always trying to think of like, what else could I be doing that would not take, you know, time away from CR, but I can make more money. And then it’s still not gonna be enough. Are you shocked by this? Or is everyone kind of like, I already know it. Maybe we’re removing to it, right? Comment down below.

We’re moving to cuz I’m coming packing my bags. Okay. My shirt say Hawaii. I don’t know. Hawaii, I don’t know. Feels like for me, I mean, from Maryland, cuz I just moved back from Maryland. So to say to Maryland, you need to be making is that 202, Ohio’s 209. I grew up in Ohio, and Ohio was looked at as like that, family friendly, you don’t need to make much, baby. Which is the most shocking to you? I’ve actually like 10 questions. Just answer one of them. Okay, bye.