Unveiling the Radical Energies of Uranus: A Forecast for Cosmic Change and Evolution

Alright, hi everybody. How are you doing? So you may or may not know that we’re having a wild and crazy week, kind of like the way this string looks starting may the 13th. So you’ve already been feeling this coming into all those wild and crazy solar flares we’re really about this coming week. This astrology is very synchronistic.

So the sun and the planet Uranus, the planet of wild, crazy, chaotic energy rules, internet rules, technology, of course, there was a brand new AI, ChatGPT four, like it’s just gone off the maps. It’s kind of like the movie she coming true. And that’s very much Iranian energy. So the sun shining a spotlight, making that technology that radical, new hands on technology kind of part of our reality, right? So, but expect crazy, chaotic, unpredictable energy.

Sun and yours came together today. They’re at like 23 degrees and the energy continues all week. Excuse me. Now, the other big thing is there was an announcement about the Vatican gonna put out something about spiritual. Woo woo, how to deal with all kinds of strange things.

And that’s also very much in line with this because on the 18, now this is coming on the 17th, Mercury center in torus, Torus rules the voice in the taro, the hierophant is the symbol of the Pope, right? So that’s torus energy. So that’s another ding, ding, very synchronistic. Now, on the 18th, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, money, values, relationships, all the good stuff, wealth, she conjuncts with Uranus. So again, expect your love life to go, anything’s up for grabs.

Uranus is the sign of LGBQT, etc. Letters. Anybody who feels different, who feels alien, Uranus is the sign that rules the stars, the cosmos. So I think all of the revelations about aliens is gonna come out.

So, you know, you wanna do something totally outside the box, get a new beauty routine, have a makeover change, redecorate your house, go modern, go very simple, very clean. That serene and energy tourists usually like. It’s very sensuous, but beautiful sensuous materials are very new modern materials. That’s what the Iranian coming ages, you know, Twitter and Aquarius. But expect there to be radical changes in your love life.

It’s also women wanting to be free, also big protests in the world that’s been going on. That’s gonna continue. And so, but you might be feeling very wired, like Iranian energy is very wired. The stock markets can be very volatile. I think we saw that already today.

I think that Game Stop went up like 100% or something had to be stopped. Crypto could really benefit from this. My cat sitting on my lap here. And it’s just basically freedom. It’s freedom revolution. It’s working together as a group. Mom mind. That’s what uranium energy is all about.

It’s about, you know, what is a dual natured sign. So it is a human sign, which gives me some hope, but it’s also the sign of technology.

And so, you know, do you really wanna become a robot? So there will be a split in consciousness. Air science represents consciousness, though. So it represents the right and the left hemisphere of the brain. Some people are gonna wanna be all robotic, you know, and, you know, put their consciousness up in the cloud and do that neural link, all that stuff that Elon Musk wants to and other people are gonna say, no, we want to have a fair, even revolution and culture in society.

It’s not communist. It’s gonna be a brand new thing where everybody has rights. Nobody has rights but of anybody else. We all work together. We’re all in this together.

We’re gonna use that technology to make sure there’s enough food for everybody, that every child is taken care of. It’s very egalitarian in a way. So we wanna remember that humanity. It’s a human sign, Aquarius. Now, the luckiest day of the year is coming up on the 19th. Sorry, on the 18th as well. The sun can junk Jupiter at 28 degrees of torus.

So almost at the last, what they call the anoretic most intense degree. Very lucky for anybody who has planets anywhere from 23 to 29, the last degree of Taurus even. And all the fixed signs, which is Leo, any Leo’s, if you have planets, if you’re rising sign, your moon, asteroids, whatever you have, Chiran at 23 to 28. Leo, also Scorpios, get in here. Another water fix sign 23 to 28,29 Scorpio and Aquarisus with any planets rising sign, anything from 23 to 28 degrees, you will do incredibly well. And if you wanna read more, I did some portraits of King Charles, Prince William, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelsey, a whole bunch of people, Timothy Chalamai on my blog at Infinity now dot WordPress dot com. And you know, it is a very rare conjunction to have the sun and Jupiter and Uranus come together. I did the research has not happened in very long.

In fact, the last time it happened was in 1858. So 1858, a lot of big things happen, like Darwin gave his first speech on evolution. Queen Victoria got married. There was abolition of slavery. I believe John Brown met so Jonah Truth in Chadam, Ontario, a little tiny town, Ontario. The underground railway was going on. So this is an anti slavery kind of energy as well.

It is just before they had that big Carrington event, right? It was around that time as well. Telegraphs, the lines were just built across the US photography, the first aerial photograph was taken in Paris at that time. So, you know, movies, films, all of this modern technology, image making was done about that time. So that was 1858.

That wasn’t. The last one was in May 1941. So during the second World War, that’s when Liverpool, London were being bombed in the Blitz Creek.

You know, some of the beetles were being born around that time. And then it had happened before then from 767. So there was a huge gap of like 12 years that Jupiter, Uranus and the sun had not come together in torus, which is very unusual for that kind of huge, long gap, 12 years. And then before then, it was at 6:01. This is Korean era.

And then 518. So that’s a long time. So I went back to look at one in 1858. Sun was at 27, Taurus, Jupiter was at 28, Uranus is at 29. But basically, the planets are all lined up very close together, just like now.

And when the whole thing about astrology is studying laws of cycles and how cycles, you know, time is a spiral. It goes around and around and we level up. So I was just thinking about, you know, what happens happen in those 12 years. I mean, sort of that bypass the whole renaissance. Interestingly enough, obviously, Jupiter, you know, moves around, it moves through one side every 12 or 13 years on average, you know, Uranus takes 84 years to make one complete cycle.

That’s why everybody at 41,42,43 gets their midlife crisis. That is Uranus, opposite Uranus. So again, if you have planets at these points, it is time to make some big radical changes in your life, in your values and your self esteem and your resource and your tools. Maybe you need to get techy. Maybe you need to break free of any traditional morays values.

You know, this is about open marriages, you know, doing your own thing, connecting with other people in your tribe who are on the same vibrational wavelength. You know, this is air. We’re moving into the elements of air in a big way with Pluto in Aquarius, although it’s going backwards to do its last visit to Capricorn. But Pluto will stay in Aquarius, a fixed airsign, from November the 19th for 20 years.

And then Uranus will also enter the other air sign of Gemini. Jupiter is gonna enter Gemini in may the 25th. So we’re gonna need a little preview of that. So we’re going up in the air and higher consciousness. That’s what uranium energy is all about. We wanna bring in the higher consciousness. I remember somebody, it was one of my favorite singers. She sang a, she wrote a song and some of the lyrics where we are humans without humanity.

And we want to bring in, really discover what it means to be galactic humans. I do work with galactic astrology, you know, you would call it a kind of quantum astrology. So we’re the stars. We are the consciousness of the stars. We live through them. They live through us. We’re looking back and forth at each other every night.

So I want to send you all the best blessings if you want to find out how these phenomenally powerful energies are expecting you, and get in touch with me at Tara taro dot com. Remember, this is radical change. I know all of you tourist people don’t like change. You’re very stubborn, very fixed. This is the cosmic cattle prod coming for you and coming for everybody.

So expect completely different. Think outside the box, embrace newness, you know, changes the name of the game. All right. Send you many blessings. Speak to you soon.