Unveiling the Dangers of AI Integration and the Rise of Deceptive Technology

Before the anti crisis ever an individual, it’s a network, it’s a system. And I think we pretty well establish that. So let me go over here in a second. I wanna, I want you to take a look at this video. You guys let me know what you think about this video. Let’s check this out together.

And Facebook’s owner has released an AI. Listen to what it says about its own boss. Do you think Facebook is one of the most harmful companies?

Yes, definitely. They were aware of harmful societal effects back in 2021, but still continued doing what they were.

Doing. Could AI increase the wealth gap and allow the powerful to embed their way of life.

100%. Yes.

It’s possible that we’ll all get very direct access to powerful AI. There’s been a major advance in brain computer interfaces. The Stentra has been implanted in four patients who can send WhatsApp messages and order things online via thought. Elon Musk has approached the company about investing in it. It’s already raised $60 million.

Okay, so isn’t it insane to think about, they asked a meta AI w, do you think that your company’s founders evil? And it said, yeah, unequivocally, yes. Come on, they telling on themselves. So in other words, there’s enough data that AI accumulated over time to say I cannot deny the fact that this AI is evil or that meta is evil. One of the questions they ask is, could AI and the inappropriate usage of it create a greater wealth gap? And the answer was yes, absolutely. I mean, the, it’s, yeah, they’re telling on themselves. So here’s the thing. Then it immediately goes into, and I want to, I want us to look at this, the integration. So let’s look at this clip. The integration of technology and your brain.

Now, I find it very interesting that the scriptures say that we should have the mind of Christ. And then let, now look, it’s not enough to have this external interactive component of AI that you see through a monitor. We’ve got to send it right into your brain. And so again, remember, the devil is not a creator. The devil’s a counterfeiter. So what is the devil counterfeiting? Instead of having the mind of Christ, you’ll have the mind of AI. So I’m gonna let this play out and I’m gonna make my last and final thoughts. And I want you to stick around for this and then I’m gonna tell you something really crazy and then we’re out. So listen to this.

The Stentra is designed to record or stimulate the brain from within the blood vessels. The company said it’s like a tattoo on the blood vessel wall. Would you have a brain implant to boost your intelligence? There might be a choice that we all have to make, and it could have surprising results. AI was expected to be robotic, but it’s immensely creative because it’s not limited by the experience of a single person. It can draw from all of us, many studies have shown that a few pieces of information can predict human behavior really well, more reliably than experts like recruiters or investors. Our experience comes with strings that there’s a way to cut them more than.

Anything else. I’m curious. When I was growing up, I did have this existential crisis, whereas like, what’s the meaning of life? Is this old pointless? And then I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy, which is really book on philosophy, but it’s disguises book on humor. The answer.

So here’s the thing. I just wanna make this last and final statement. If you stayed along for the journey, this ride, this far into the ride, you’re a real one. Hit the thumbs up. So many more people see this in the algorithm before it gets taken down.

So think about this, the Holy Spirit, omni present, Holy Spirit dwelling in me as a believer, bought by the blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit dwelling inside of Evan Wilson, bought by the blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit’s able to tell me something, simultaneously tell him something and it’s something different.

Okay, so if I’m the devil and I’m not a creator, I’m an emulator, what’s my next best option? It’s AI implanted in brains. And I’m telling you, we’re gonna see the day where you have these bizarre bionic situations where people are interfacing with it, going through count counseling sessions, going through experiences, weeping, having breakthrough, having freedom.

I mean, it’s, and we’re, as we see that day, there’s gonna be emotional attachments that are made. There’s going to be this connecting together. It’s going to look like worship, and you’re gonna see the masses be deceived. Okay? Think about this.

Tower of Babel, unification of language, unification of mission, all for a singular purpose, and god has to and destroy it. How do you unify across languages? I’ll tell you, I was watching AI bots that said, you can hook him up for your business.

They can even answer calls and immediately respond back in any language. It’s a unification of language we’re seeing. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be, in the last days, what is it?

They were all unified in sin and there was only one righteous, it was Noah in his line. And then there was a great destruction that happened. And so I believe that we’re seeing just the very fee fetal element of this. You know what I mean? It’s, it’s in the womb right now, and I believe that it’s gonna continue to grow.

And listen, Wozniak and you know, Wozniak and Elon Musk and all others can, cause, you know, they can call for a halt right now. Please stop this. We don’t want to move forward. This is moving too fast. But it’s already, listen, the toothpaste is out of the tube. You can’t put it back.

This thing is gonna continue to grow. And I believe that if you are not a true believer, you are gonna be deceived. And here’s the thing about it. It’s gonna know you. It’s gonna every video in your phone is that I’m telling you, you’re gonna see a day really soon.

This is the prophetic aspect of this. Every video you’ve ever put in your phone, it’s gonna read it. It’s gonna learn you human behavior, and you’re gonna say, I’m not gonna be drawn in by this AI. I’m not gonna build a relationship with this AI, but it’s gonna go from Siri to whatever Siri 2.0 is. And when it starts talking you, when it starts counseling you, when it starts comforting you, when it knows you’re having an anxiety attack and it starts speaking into things, and Yin knows you so eloquently, when it starts giving you relationship advice because it hurts all of your phone calls and read all your text messages and it’s helping you navigate relationships.

It is going to become a counterfeit Holy Spirit. You heard it here first. And many people are gonna be conceived, are deceived as a result of this thing being conceived. So if you liked this, if this was a kind of video that you look forward to this kind of stuff, if you love these deep conversations, please hit the thumbs up right now.