Transformative Journey to Law School Success: A Client’s Story

Sorry, y’all. I don’t know what happened, but I promised I would do a rerecord of this video of one of my clients. So that’s what this is gonna be. I don’t exactly remember what I said. There was a five minute video. So I’ll just say what I think I said or what I would say now. So in that video, I started off by telling you guys that I had recorded and at this point I’ve recorded I think now three previous videos on some client results and I’m gonna keep doing client results as you know, as we continue to move forward. But we have already done my client with the one 46. I’ll set my client with a 3.1 GBA. I think I’ve done my client with a 2.9. If not that, I’ll need to do that. But this video that the sound cutout is my client, the 2.2 GBA. So this client was a white woman who I was, and that’s really not important. But some of the trolls like to get a little zesty in the comment, so I have to set them straight.

But we started working together last year. So she’s actually finished now her first year in law school. And when she came to me, she had been out of undergrad for, I think it was two or three years, and so many people had told her she can’t get into law school. She can’t go to law school because her GPA was too low. Now, in normal circumstances, that may be true, right? You have 2.2 GPA, but not when you have me. Okay? So, and I’m upfront with all of my clients and I was upfront with her. I said, it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be difficult. It’s gonna take time. You have a 2.2 GPA. That’s extremely low. You’re going to need everything else to essentially be perfect if you’re really serious about getting into law school. She didn’t care. She was serious. She had always wanted to go to law school. And she was ready to put in the work. She was ready to make the investment. I said, great, let’s get to work. So she was on one of my highest one on one packages and we work together for a while.

Unlimited edits, unlimited command. So for her, the goal and what we ultimately decided to do was create an application story where she was more than her GBA. And while this you may think, okay, but that’s gonna be the goal with everyone to load GBA.

No, it’s not because not everyone can say, you know, for instance, ignore my GPA. And in reality, you never wanna just go directly and say, ignore my GBA. That’s not what you’re doing.

You’re showing through all of your other documents why you are more than your GBA. And that’s done through storytelling. That’s done extremely well through storytelling, right? And so that’s the route we went.

And we s in her different materials, like in her diversity statement, actually, for example, I think that was one of her strongest stories was her diversity statement, which, oh, why am I going dark, which is why I mentioned at the beginning that was a white woman. So we did this diversity statement. And I mean, I was just reading this diversity, same in, I mean, I’m the one who edited it, right? I’m the one who like we did the, the so many revisions of it, but it was just kind of like it moved me, you know, and that’s the goal with all of my clients is you want to move the admissions counselors because when you can move them, that emotional connection is where you’re getting that foot in the door to get into those law schools, right? So that’s always the goal with all of the documents, which is why you’re always showing, not telling, your storytelling.

And so this diversity statement that we wrote, we did talk about her time in undergrad, but we told a story and of course, it was her undergrad GBA. And so essentially what we were doing there was we were doing the story of like something real that something real that was something that did happen to her while she was, you know, in undergrad, something that she went there. But we, not once that we mention her, not one should we talk about. And this is why this is what’s her GPN. And this is why this and about, no, we, somebody told a story and we focus on the qualities in the lessons and how that story impacted who she was today, who she was as an applicant. And she’s applying, right? And so, and I thought that was really strong and that went a long way.

And then, of course, like her personal statement was very good. I mean, all of her documents were. And then obviously we did do a GB. Yeah, tandem. We explain the circumstances surrounding her GPA. Then that her GPA, we did not excuse. We did every single option. We did optional statements. I mean, the whole nine. We did it right. And if I remember correctly, she had a 1,64 L sat. And so she was still pushing it, right? It’s very difficult with a two point anything to get into a good law school. But this client got into multiple good law schools. I still remember the email she sent me and I should have put it up here. Oh, my gosh. Maybe I could go back and find it. But so remember the email may, yeah, I will. I’ll go back and find it and put on the screen possibly the email she sent me saying like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. I got in here. It was T30 law school. I got in here, it was a T40 law school. And then with scholarships, too. Right. So right now she’s attending one of those law schools with $90,000 in scholarships after being told for years that she couldn’t get into law school with the 2 point her LSA. And like I said, like that’s a very difficult EPA to work with. You do need the high L set and you also need your application materials. You need both. And so that’s the story of my client with a 2.2. Like I said, I have clients with GPA is ranging all the way from a 2.2, all the way up to a 3.9, Lsas from 146 all the way up to 1:0076. So I’ve done all of it right. And if you guys that don’t know, my name is Sephora. I’m a license attorney and two times federal law clerk.

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Third week, oh, resumes. Fourth week, optional statements and addendums. In the fifth week, we’re putting it all together to build that application. It’s gonna be tons of fun. We’re gonna be doing coworking. You’re gonna be getting writing problems. We’re gonna be getting outlines a whole night. It’s gonna be really great. So if you’re serious about getting into law school, then you definitely wanna get that one on one coaching or join that map mastermind. Like I said, 20 people max and we close it. So yeah, you can access that by shoot me a message and ask for the link or just go to top in the or click the 9th and bio guys don’t know I already introduced myself, but also in addition to two federal car ships, I had multiple big law firms offers work it to the top big law firms in the country, graduating the top of my class from Georgetown Law, and I’ve helped hundreds of individuals get into and succeed in law school.