Budget-Friendly Camp Chair Review: 1TGRIST vs Big Agnes Michael Basin XL

Sub cambers, if you’re looking for a budget camp chair for big worms, big people, this may be the one for you. Before we get started, I do wanna shout out one tigress. They actually sent this to me and I get a lot of camp chair companies looking to send me a chair. This one is rated to, I think, more than 300 pounds. And as you all know, I am a big fan of the Big Agnes Michael Basin XL. This is my go to share at a price point of over $100, this might be a better option for some of y’all. So let’s walk through both of them. I’ll throw the actual specs on the screen right here so y’all can screenshot it for all my fellow camp gear out there. But this is a real world usage.

This is what the packages both come in. As you can see, the Mica basin is basically the same size. It’s actually a little bit, maybe 3 inches taller, but as far as circumvents around them, they’re both pretty much the same size.

Had this chair for a long time, brand new chair to me. So these are my first reactions. I do like how the one Tigris has a little bit of daisy chaining on the outside. Case seems super solid. Nice zipper on here. Let’s open it up and see how easy it is to set up. Oh, okay. Same kind of one pole system, which I actually like. The one pole system, meaning all of the poles are connected. So you’re not going to lose any of them with the shock cord on the inside.

The big selling point for this chair is it is double barreled and it is a plastic hub. I’m assuming these are made out of aluminum. One thing about these chairs is in wind, they will probably blow away because they are extremely light, which is a plus and a minus for both of these chairs actually. Alright, I’m assuming logo goes on top, same kind of system. It’s gonna go into the top of this. They just slip in like that. Let’s do the other side now because this is the first time I’m setting up this chair, I’m assuming it’s gonna be a little stiff, meaning getting it together. That’s what she said. Yeah, so this is normal because, oh, that was actually pretty easy. Nice. Not bad. Super light. That double baldness seems way sturdier. Wants all the tensions in with the actual chair. I am noticing some pockets on here which seem pretty cool. Let’s see if we’ll be able to access them. It is actually vented right here, which is kind of nice. Let’s throw it down, change the angle and see what it looks and feels like when my big butt sits down in it.

To be honest, it’s really comfortable. And when I’m saying that, I’m actually not a fan of the Rei style chairs like this, at least the ones that I’ve tried. Cuz it feels like my butt is being trying to be shoved into like a little cup section. This one is actually wide enough for a big butt to feel comfortable. Now, it is really low. And although the bat comes up mid, it’s actually really comfortable for like lying back like this. Let’s see around the fire. Oh, this is actually pretty comfortable too.

One thing I’m looking at too and trying to feel is where the connection points are, where the poles are. Sometimes they dig into your sides. This one does not. It feels really well designed on here. And to be honest, I think that this feels more like a camp stool or like a reclining chair. It does have some play to it, but it doesn’t feel like anything’s cracking, which is nice. And it feels super solid. So let’s sit in it and compare what it’s like to the Big Agnes Michael Basin, which is significantly more expensive. But like I said, it’s been my go to chair. So right off the bat, you can tell that the Mica Basin Excel. It is the Excel version. That is why it’s significantly bigger. I have the Mica basin regular size as well, and it’s comparable to this size, honestly, pretty much the same comfort level as well.

When I say that this is a hubless system with a big Agnes, though, it means that there is no plastic piece where the poles connect. This hub here, although super solid, this is what tends to fail. And the microbasin does not have a hub system. But honestly, I know a lot of people aren’t gonna spend over $100 for a camp chair, so this 1 t grist might be a really good option.

These are my initial thoughts on the 1T grist. It’s not how to review because I haven’t used it a lot. But if you guys have any questions, let me know and I will be using this quite a bit and put it through the ringer to see how it holds up. I do like the double barrel at the bottom, especially being a big guy. Like I said, I’m not usually a fan of hub systems, but this one seems super solid. And like I said, this is gonna be way more budget friendly. I’m having it LinkedIn my TikTok shop. Let me know if you have any questions. Like I said, remember to keep it safe, keep it clean, keep yourself informed, like, and follow some more camp stuff.