Mother’s Day Deals Bonanza: Amazing Discounts on Tools and Equipment

What’s up everybody? I’m back with another two deals video. Happy Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day. You’re probably bored, so I’m trying to get a little something to do. First up, overhead lows. We have your racketen because Racketen right now is giving away $40 cashback when you sign up using the link in the description. That’s the only way you can get the bony bonus. Bony, the bonus $40. You gotta use the link in the description. Plus they’re offering 3% cashback over at lows. And we got some deals at lows like this though, Walt, oscillating to, I know I talked about this before, but you guys are not understanding, you’re not understanding that this oscillating tool alone is normally 149. Nothing else saying, yes, this is a dinky battery. It’s a 1.3 amp hour battery. So what? It’s enough. Okay, I’ve actually used this battery with this oscillating tool and gotten work done just fine. And it wasn’t a big deal charging a bag for $99 plus your $40 and 3% cash back. What are you waiting for? Moving on, we have this Dewalt deal, this drill and impact Driver 2 to Empire Slim Shady batteries with the charger in the bag for 169. And now when you consider what Milky is offering you in their M12 lineup for, it’s on sale right now for 199,$30 more. This is a really good deal. Or better yet, maybe let’s compare apples to apples. Milwaukees compact M18 lineup, that’ll be better, a better comparison. But this is still cheaper if you bleed yellow, this is not a bad deal right here.

Alright, now speaking of now we upgrade and HIPPA 299 is normally 399. You get this big bad boy hammer drill with an 8 amp. Ile battery and a slim 2 amp out battery, a rapid charger, an XR impact driver with modes and a bag with two 99. Oh, this is incredible.

Now let’s talk about, go back to Milwaukee there. M12 stuff is normally 2:29. They’re little hammer drill with no handle, which would snap your wrist fast. And now their impact drivers good, but I hate the ergonomics of those things. This is super sweet right here. I don’t have nothing else to say. This is a super sweet deal.

We’re used to this being 399. They shaved $100 off for Mother’s Day. Get your mom this, get your wife this, and she won’t know what to do but give it to you so you can go do the work around the house.

Moving on, we have these, we terminated Blue Phillips Torx impact driver bits. It’s only seven pieces, but they. Two dollars and fifty two cents. We all make some good. They machine that stuff really well. And 2,052 cents, I wonder if it’ll be free delivery. It should. If it is, I’m gonna get some for 2,052 cents and then get your 3% cash back, then will you save the whole penny?

You know what I’m saying? And when, let’s move on. Craftsman, 55 foot green line. They had a red one for sale, too, for a little bit cheaper that does 100 feet, but you’re not gonna be able to see those red lines. Trust me. You want green lines always with the lay laser levels. $69, quite a bit off from its normal 1 on nine.

Finally, we have this Matawa Hvt Compact Brad nail kits. Now, if you don’t know, Matawa HPT also knows haikoki and used to be high Hitachi make some fantastic nailers. It’s between them and Milwaukee for nailers, man. You can’t go wrong with either one of them. And you’re not getting this deal in Milwaukee forever. Okay, 1:49, you might get a Ryobi, but don’t get Ryobi over this lifetime warranty 2 and power battery charger and it’s gonna come with a bag too. They always come with bags. Yeah, man, 149, that’s an incredible, insane deal.

Now moving on over to Acne Tools. We have some deals going on there. We have some brand new Metaba HPT tools out. And here is one of them. A brand new hammer drill. Okay, brand new hammer drill that’s looks slim and compact in size. A lot small and old chunky butt that I have, but I like my 36 volt cuz, you know, you could plug it into the wall, but there’s 18 volt. Let’s look at some of the specs. Okay. This thing produces 12,40 inch pounds, which is a lot. It’s a lot for a hammer drills. A lot. That’s 20 inch pounds more than its old iteration, but at 2,000 RPM, which is fast, this, I mean, that’s, you don’t really need to go faster than that, but that’s fast. Their old one did 2,100 RPM, still sports the reactor force control. So you have your anti kickback, 7.4 inches in length. I don’t recall how long the old one was. I just noted this looks a lot smaller.

The reviews said it’s smaller and lighter. But when you look at the weight, this eight, 4.6 pounds. The other one was £4, but that was without a battery more than likely. So yeah, this is on sale for 179. But on certain tools from Matawa HPT, they have a buy more, save more, where if you spend $100, you get extra 20. Spend $200, you get 50 off and 300 get $75 off. But it’s not showing up for this one. I would try it anyway, but it’s not showing up for that.

Now, if you want it to, maybe go with Milwaukee Ergonomics on this thing sucks, but it is a fantastic and one of the best hammer drills out there. And in this price range, I’ll say it’s not the best by a long shot, but in this price range, cuz you want the best, you gotta go.

Matabo napping. Tabo HPT. We talk about German green and red mataboo, but you dropping some coin over there? Two hundred twenty four dollars and sixty three cents for this kit. Hammer drill 2,5 Empire batteries, a charger in a hard case.

Now this is on a BOGO. Just want to show you that. And you get a free 5 and power battery is already coming with 500 power battery. So you don’t really need that. Add that to the cart and you get it for the 224, whatever it was. I said that’s not a lot more than this 50 extra dollars. You get a charge of two batteries, a hard case, man, you might wanna go with that. But you get the 5 Empire, I mean the 5 year warranty and you get a lifetime warranty with the Matabo HPT. Moving on Matabo HPT as it just also release a new compact impact wrench that is keeping up with the nude Compact, the wall and the Makita from a year or two ago. Now this bad boy produces 225 foot pounds of fastening and 433 foot pounds of loosening. Now the wall and the Makita, I believe, advertise higher numbers. But again, everyone lies. So I wonder what this would actually do on a torque test. Dino, let’s all ask them to buy this and test this bad boy out so we know we can get it 179. And again, it has that buy more, save more going on. So this is actually 150,59. And also you have rocketing over here as well, 2% cashback and you get that 40 dollar bonus. So you’re looking at shoot 119 had a bad deal right there. So moving on over to Home Depot, we have this Ryobi 80 volts riding lawnmower. Markdown from 5,000 to 3,000 is used to be 6,000. So it’s half price from a year ago now. People love this thing. They said the joystick takes a little getting used to. Some people love it, some people like it’s a learning curve.

But here’s the biggest complaint with this lawnmower. Once you buy from Home Depot, when they deliver it, it’s used or the batteries don’t work, has been sitting. Now here’s what you’re, what RYOB’s telling everyone to do not ask, do not by the one that’s already assembled cuz those are the ones that just sitting there at Home Depot. You want one that you have to assemble that’s crate ship directly from Ryo, but that’s gonna be brand new. No one has issues with those and it’s pretty easy to put together. I think they just said you have to install the joystick, install the seat, and it’s quick, fast, and you get yourself a super fresh lawnmorn for the three ski.

Finally, direct tools, not Tools, Direct, which by the way, did restock on eBay. I’ll leave a little link to that as well. As you can see right here, these guys there restock a little bit. It’s almost 300 items now. And then you also have your rising over here at eBay. So there you have that. I’ll leave a link there. But Direct Tools is having a sale, a Mother’s Day sale, 30% off a lot of items we have, like this Ryobi cult gun, $49. We have this jigsaw. I’m you so used to seeing tool direct prices. When I see this, I wanna take an additional 30% off. I gotta fix my brain, which is so crazy. Cuz, look, they look in the same, right? But these are two different companies. Alright, but yeah, jigsaw, $42. You have your compact right of 49,000. It’s just the whole site. So check it out. Hammer Drill, $98. But here’s the thing. They do have shipping. Okay, flat rate shipping is gonna be $15. So make sure if you’re gonna buy something, try to get leads to things and make sure it’s worth it because of the shipping cost. And that is it for today’s video. Hopefully it will help if you got any value from today’s videos that you like. Comment, share with your Brethren, subscribe, so you’re missing any deals in the future. And I will see you guys next time.