Title suggestion: Devotional Insights and Bible Study Notes: Finding Strength and Wisdom in Proverbs 31

Why not apple study? I turn on some worship music. I have it down really low. I sit in a place that’s quiet to myself, my Bible out, and then I’ll have my devotional or whatever I’m reading. Sometimes I don’t have a devotional at all, but for the most part, I’ll get out my Bible blueprints and my devotional.

I create devotional. So I just typically use the ones that I created. There are times that I will use other ones. In the end, I will get my life application bubble or have my computer so that I can research a little bit further into what I’m reading. I have the divisional pulled up that I’m currently doing, which is Proverbs 31 with my group on Facebook. And I will go through and look at the prayer request.

Pray over anybody who’s asked me for prayer recently. And that doesn’t have to be on here, of course. It can be people in your lab. I typically will make a list, write down everybody that needs prayer and pray for them. I will find some sort of affirmation.

Today’s is I will listen to god and continue forward with faith in him even during difficult times. And I will take notes on everything that I’ve read for the today because notes help me to remember. I like to write notes, whether at the in my Bible or in a notebook. I always make sure that I take notes just for myself. He was some sort of prayer over the study. For example, this is daytian in that study that I’m currently doing. And it says, I wrote Jesus, I pray that you would speak to me through your word today. Show me what I am meant to see. Allow me to hear your voice. I wanna consume your word and apply it to my life. In your holy name, I pray. Amen. And so this study has examples for everybody. That way, if you’re newer to pry in, it will help you to learn how to pry from your heart, but put things in there. And I, in the very beginning of the study, there is a lot about prayer. There’s an acronym for prayer. I go very in depth on how to pray. So there’s a lot in there if you’re interested in that.

Now, in the scripture for today is Proverbs 31,10. This is the King James Version epilogue. The wife of noble character burst in a life of noble character who can find she is worth far more than rubies and the notes. I always take notes on whatever I’ve read. So these are the notes that I’ve written. The notes say she asks her son, a wife of noble character who can find after giving him advice on be in a man. So if you go back and find the context of this, which I always do, the context is that King Lumi Wells mom is speaking into him and she’s talking to him about a Proverbs woman and who he should marry, what kind of woman he should marry. And she says, listen, son, listen, some of my womb. She really is trying to capture his attention. She says, listen a few times she’s throwing in there that I prayed for you, you were in my womb. She’s trying so hard to get him to understand. I love you. I know it is best for you. I’ve experienced this. I know about the kind of woman that you need.

Now, listen to me when I’m talking to you and she says, so the other notes I wrote are the kind of man that deserves a wife of noble characters. So she’s telling him that you have to be the kind of man that deserves this noble wife. You better man up and be a good man. You be the man that I raised you to be.

The word translated as wife is actually the Hebrew word ISA or ista, which means woman, usually a wife or a woman of some importance. By asking who can find this wife of noble character implies that this woman is a rarity. She’s worth far more than rubies, meaning she is an extraordinarily valuable. A life of noble character is the same phrase used in 31,10, which may, sorry, which many of us are familiar with as a virtuous woman, originally in Hebrew, the word translated virtuous or noble character, has the idea of strength in mind and body. So she’s a strong woman in her mind and her body.

In Christian tradition, Ruby symbolizes divine sacrifice of Christ on the cross, as the blood of Christ is represented in the purity DPU of the gemstone rubies are mentioned several times in the Bible, including in exodus when there is a gym encrusted ceremonial for us plate of the High Priest of Israel.

So I take lots of notes on this. There are more but I’m not gonna go through all of them. I just want you to get the idea. And then I created a life challenge or life application. You can do this with yourself. Challenge yourself, think about whatever you read, how it applies to your live, how you can apply it, what you may need to work on. So this one says, challenge yourself and learn new things. Challenge yourself to be an example of change. When we want, we won’t grow and learn doing what we’ve always done and think and what we’ve always felt.

Think of something that you’ve always wanted to do, pray about it and see where god leads you. And then I’ve, I challenge myself. I write questions, I write answers, I write journal on whatever I’ve read. The questions for the ladies in the group are, how are you and your relationship ship status? Are you embracing being a noble married, single, widowed or divorced woman? Do you pray to god to bless your situation? Is god your first priority, then your spouse, children, family, friend’s work, etc? Why not? Can you improve? And then I close in prayer.

Some examples of notes that I would take are get my bubble. So these are my Proverbs 31 notes. You can see that I’ve written a lot in this section. This is my other Bible. And then my life application Bible tells you basically that in short, these are to apply, define wisdom to daily life and provide moral instruction. It was written by mostly Solomon with Agger and Lemuel. They contributed. It’s to the people of Israel. The date it was written, Solomon wrote and compiled most of these. And early in his reign.

Rather than being fixed to a particular location, Proverbs provides universal wisdom. Key verses, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Action. Proverbs 1,7 special features. Proverbs uses literary forms, poems, parables, pointed questions, couplets, as well as literary and, sorry, literally devices like antithesis, comparison, and personification. Then if you went to the Life Application Bible and you actually read Proverbs 31, you’ll see that it breaks it down. There’s context down here. Little is known about Lemuel except that he was a king who received last teachings from his mother. His name means devoted to god. Some believe that Lemuel and Agar are both from the Kingdom of Massa and Northern Arabia.

And then it just goes into a lot of detail down there at the bottom about all of this. Then I would go to my Baba blueprint, just look over, and I would just take whatever notes apply to my life or whatever needs to be applied. So God’s Word is living, which means I can read the same thing 100 times and get 100 different maintenance from it. That’s what’s so special about it. It is always exactly what you need. Just take a notes. You can find templates online. You can just write from your study. But I have different templates that I put into my Bible study, and they tell you how to take notes. There are reflection notes, battle summary notes, read notes. There are so many different notes online. And you can find templates like these. Or if you’re interested in purchasing mass study, just reach out to me. It’s $15. And that’s a whole month of study. It’s usually over 200 pages. There are a whole bunch of women in the group. They’re also loving and supportive.

This is our second month doing that and we’re gonna start another one in June. When you do the study, there are zoom calls weekly. So I go over everything with you very in detail every single day has so much information. It’s got opening prayer, scripture notes, questions, life application and closing prayer. So I teach you how to do everything before you ever begin. I talk to you about Bible journal and note taking, prayer checklist, Bible blueprints, bubble translations, whereabout the supplies? What kind of supplies, what you don’t really need that you can just use paper and pencil in your notebooks if you wanna do that. There’s just so much in there and I love leading people through this. So if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. God bless.