Whispers by the River: A Collection of Reflective Musings on Love and Loss

did you come back to me a little bit。

gonna window breaks and away perfect you got it sick a little louder now theres somebody tell me how to get me find the way that you used to love me。

lets have a good time tonight Joe, thank you so very much。

by the river hello everybody just like that really know everything its been alone no town coming go oh i changed go ko shiro again。 i can come and take me to remember that you take me oh no。


lets take swear you know normally for right Kevin will be understand shes not here today so we wanna need to everywhere care of course can you help us out lets go shall we might go。 why you say oh so away oh,yeah。

okay, everybody can wanna hang in this guy just like this follower let me know。

light youre were with you is my lover man but submit to you all the man i move your way。

and i will kill it lonely just be your hands up in your hands。