Title: Unpacking Indoctrination: A Personal Journey Through Jewish Morals, Political Science, and the Pursuit of Truth

Okay. So I’ve had some time to think about this question while I’ve been, again, deeply ill, and I wrote down some of my thoughts. I, to be honest, I don’t know like that in general, I don’t personally think I’m any better or kinder or like I don’t think I’m superior innately to any other person an I try to be good person. I try to do right. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. So don’t in, try to twist my words if anyone movie. But I I wrote down my answer because apparently I ramble too much. You’re watching a video of a girl with untreated ADHD until she was 21. Yeah, the rambles are gonna happen. If you don’t like it, you can go. Bye.

So anyway, hey, Lauren, how did you break out of the propaganda? Like, what made you see through it? And again, I don’t 100% know. This is my best guess at an answer. So here goes. My Jewish morals, such as justice, compassion, preservation of life, repairing the world and freedom for all people matter more to me and are more important to me than any taught allegiance to a state or institution. People’s lives matter more than the survival of any man made state or institution, which according to the social contract, this is how you can tell. I was a political science major, made between people and government are supposed to be helping people once they break their side of the deal. I have no reason to hold that mind. I, historically, when governments are no longer able to take care of the people, the people will send their support because the social construct contract has been broken. Governments are supposed to make life easier for their people and centralized resources for collected problem solving. The government is for the people because they are what matters most. The people are what matters most. When governments forget this inherent part of their responsibility and begin to act as though people must be for the government. They have severed the relationship that gives them any power or legitimacy in the first place. People have rights. States, governments, institutions and systems do not. They are not people. The government serves the people. The people do not serve the government to people under its rule. America is not great and it has never been. But it can be. And I push for change because I want it to be great for the sake of the people and because I keep getting censored.

I had to say America. But I do think that about America and I, it also applies to the so called Jewish state, modern day wanna be Jewish state applies to this. I think people have rights. I don’t think governments do. And I think my care and compassion for what the people are going through, specifically the people that are getting bombed and displaced, and tens of thousands are being killed. My compassion and care for them matter more, like I said, than my allegiance to a state because the state isn’t a person. Yeah, I think it’s growing up Jewish and so like my Jewish values of like how much I value people and then being a political science major and thinking of like what governments are supposed to do and what people deserve, as I think in I think everyone deserves and I’ve also said this before, but my inherent, I love history. I re, and I’ve talked about this in previous videos, but I read a really impactful article. I think an anthropology class. And it was talking about how history is being like, there’s a bunch of videos I made on it like way back when. But basically, like my loyalty to like the truth and justice and that extends to history of like, I don’t want some whitewashed ass historical narrative that suits your agenda. I wanna know what happened because I wanna know, I just am very curious. And so I don’t like history being twisted and changed regardless of it makes you look good or not. And I don’t like being lied to. So yeah, that’s, there’s a lot more. A lot of my other videos I talk about, I think it’s the archaeology. Oh, oh, sorry. And history stuff, more in depth. Cuz I don’t remember right now if I have my head.

But yeah, I think just seeing the watermelon people as people, I think, and I think also my education in terms of understanding how indoctrination works and in terms of understanding how biases and sub even subjected biases are created and understanding that I’m not immune to any propaganda and that I have inherent biases that I need to work through. And so therefore, like I was probably exposed to propaganda. And because I had already made that connection about like, say, racism or sexism, I was then able to transfer it to other things and be like, oh, well, if I was indoctrinated about this stuff, I was probably also indoctrinated about that stuff. So maybe what I think isn’t necessarily correct. You know what I mean? So that was already, I had already built the mental framework to be able to come deal with that and not blame myself for being indoctrinated, but try to find out the truth and use that to do better in the future in regards to racism, in regards to my own internalized misogyny, and in regards to the watermelon state. Because I think, yeah, I think being also in addition to what I’ve already said, being able to deal with the fact that I was taught something wrong mentally, like being able to mentally deal with that and not hate myself and not feel guilty and not run from it and not be scared of it and kind of have that like a foundation of support already where it’s like, I understand that something’s including what I believe are not necessarily coming out of nowhere. They were taught to me and it’s not my fault they were taught to me, but it’s my fault what I do.

Once I realize that is true. And it’s like, if I can be indoctrinated about one thing, then I can be indoctrinated about anything. So I might as well, eh, look into this subject specifically about what we’re talking about. Like, I was like, well, if I know I can be doctrinated about many other things, maybe I’m indoctrinated about this too. Let me fact check to make sure that I’m okay in my beliefs. And then I was not okay in my leaves because I was wrong. Because what I believed and when I had been taught was wrong. And I was like, oh , guess I better change my opinion. So yeah, that’s a lot of, that’s how my brain works that sorry, this is almost 8 minutes of just me rambling. Yeah, has to do with Jewish morals, how I view politics, how I view states and systems, my love for history and my ability to understand, like indoctrination and media and understand that I am not, what I believe is not created in a vacuum. And I’m, I can, I’m not immune to the propaganda, you know, and I don’t feel guilt for that.

It’s more of like this happened to me and like I was indoctrinated and I don’t like it. And so I’m going to keep talking about it and helps that it helps in hope that it helps other people not be indoctrinated, if that makes sense. So yeah, thanks for asking.