Unveiling the Truth: Behind the Scenes of a Podcast Feud

I had to start my own show because we’re not making money on the show. And I’m made money on the show. I can show you my books. I was spending 10 G’s a month being on the show.

All right, let’s talk about this. Obviously, I wasn’t on the podcast to represent myself, so I’d like to clarify a few things that were said. As well as having his own credit card, all expenses related to the show were paid for, including all travel online, dodging, obviously. George’s total reimbursement came out to $20,000,317 cents. I’d love to see any books that show otherwise. Spending $120,000 a year to be on a show is a little confusing. This.

Is a guy who’s sending a screenshots of $11 million a week. That he’s making.

This statement is so crazy that it’s almost laughable. That would mean I’m making $572 million a year. I’m nowhere near that. What happened was prime had a very successful, for a month, I think we did like 60 to 70 million. And I sent it to our group chat cuz I was proud of the business. I was stoked to show the boys. And I think George maybe misinterpreted that as like my personal income.

The show hit rock bottom and we weren’t getting paid. I was getting paid $5,000 a month. But you did make a sizable amount of money on the show and by the way, is grateful. Oh, I was always, yeah, I don’t like talk about.

Money. I know he doesn’t wanna talk money. I know he believed it out. But George made $317,000 into 15 months that he got paid for on impulse. The work requirements consisted of about three days a month, three hours each day, traveling the world, networking and meeting some of the coolest people ever. It comes out to about $2,300 per hour. And he also had 10% equity of the entire. Not you.

Not Caleb, not Kevin, not Dylan, nobody called me when I.

Got fired. George did not get fired. He quit. I’ll touch on that in a second. But after he quit, I called him frequently. I reached out. I wanted to reconcile the friendship. I invited him to my birthday party in WrestleMania and even my ranch a few weeks later. He chose not to come. He also unfollowed all the people he mentioned on Instagram, which is maybe why they didn’t call him. I don’t know. I can’t speak for them, but he still does not follow them to this day. And.

Then on my birthday, you guys shot three episodes so I couldn’t show.

Up the two episodes he’s talked about, not three, were shot four days after George’s birthday. His birthday is on January 3rd. We shot those episodes on January 7th. We were already in Vegas signing the UFC to prime. And as we do wanna capitalize on the location and our use of time and energy and the guests in that city, George didn’t come to work cuz he wanted to spend time with his family for his late birthday, which I totally understand. We even praise, one of the things that I love about George, he prioritizes his family.

And friends over anything. I got my show going and then not only was I controlled and pushed around on impulsive, but then Logan’s making calls and directing my show. He told me that I couldn’t take.

Celsius. So this is the big one. Making calls, try wanna make it seem like I wanted to control his show is absolutely ridiculous. As you can see right here, I was like, hey, we gotta get you prime cuz I saw him drinking, our competitor. And he told me to call him. He was filming my reaction to tell me he took a deal with the better. I told him, please don’t film like I like to talk about this. I hope you’re joking, by the way. The truth is, I thought it was a bad look that my best friend and co host took a brand deal with our competitor without consulting me, asking me, giving us even a chance to match it before he signed the deal. Because the audience that he’s building, at least at the time on his own podcast, was being funneled directly from the podcast that I was building with him. I said, hey dude, I understand you need to make money. The entire text is right here that I sent him after our conversation. Because I did understand his position if you needed to make money, but I thought it was also a little odd because he did make $317,000 in 15 months. Regardless, I did tell him I can’t have him on impulsive if he’s gonna take the deal with the competitor. But if after he makes the money, he wants to come back to the podcast, he’s more.

Than welcome. Hey, man, where you’re at, there’s no room for you to grow. They won’t let you grow. They will not let you grow.

I thought saying that to Mike was a little crazy. He’s grown a lot. He has 2.7 million subscribers since we met. He’s a multi millionaire bestselling author. I tried as much as I could to help him get into those positions. And it’s not entirely because of me. Michaels, the phenom in his own right, and he capitalized on the platform that I gave him, which is awesome, just like George is doing now. But if that’s not growth, like what is? In fact, I think people forget, like I praise George for starting a patch. That’s like a lot.

Georgie started his own podcast. I think it’s a great idea. I always love what my co host venture out and do their own things. Congratulations. It’s awesome guys. Check out his podcast. And also saying they won’t let you grow was a little hurtful because I thought at least I help Mike do some of the things that he did and I even encouraged him to start his own podcast. I think you should take a page out of George’s book and start a show of your own. There’s no greater feeling than watching people you love succeed. I try to give people around me a platform and if they capitalize on it, fantastic. Mike and George did. And George will even tell you this off camera. I encourage him to pursue media and comedy.

Since 2015. I really believe in the kid and I still do. There’s a lot more I’m not gonna get into it, but this isn’t to say, by the way, that I didn’t come along the way I did. I should not mocked his beliefs. I apologize for that. I should have stuck up for him with Bobby Lee and I definitely should have had his back more like a friend. There’s a lot of things I would have done differently, but here we are. Saddens me that our story has unfolded this way. I wish him nothing but health, wealth, happiness, all the success that he wants. I hope that one day we can sit down and have a relationship and a conversation.