Unboxing and Review: Part 2A – Getting Messed Up with Exciting New Discoveries!

So this is my part 2, but I need to get messed up. Here comes my part 2A. Let’s see.

Oh, John, snuffle baggy. This is for dog. Let’s see. I think they’re gonna love this guy. Hold it over my excellent health and especially lazy sun. But still, we can try. I can try at least make them play for sometimes maybe I don’t know. Oh, sorry. Like, look at this, Matt. Oh, I hope they’re gonna play because they are so lazy. But let me see. Kids always go. Your point. Okay, very good one. Let’s see. And then here comes another stuff. Oh, here’s the knife. Very good knife. Well, last time out, a knife. That knife was so good, right? Your knife. So I got another one. This one is for my friends. She wanted this. He wanted this. So it’s for him. I’ll show you. How does it look at this?

I mean, very good.

It’s very good. I, then here comes my another part.

Oh, my stuff. Beauty Anguako fairy cleansing oil. Remember last time I got some? So I bought this more, right? More means more. There was like a deal. So I got this too, everyone. Buat say. Miro ini ke lagi di shinko ane udah sih? Yo yo. Nice cinnamite, nice brightening. Or cereba.

So here comes this one.

Oh, is it so cute? Look at this tiny printer. It is a small portable, a label printer. You can use this product. This is so cute. Let’s see. I don’t know how to use it. And I’ll set up girls too. This Percy will see.

Look at the size of the printer. How cute. I’m so excited to try this product, right? I’ll show you guys how to use this. Also, this is a very cute product. When I close this on, put it back on. Okay, so all done. I think. Two more things left. Let’s try this one. Oh yeah, shoot.

You say wax warmer. Kelly Warner mother is owl. Walmer, Madrid hockey. Oh, why? Explain, ERISA. Wow, look at this complete set of it wax to you. I was just a sleigh waxing on and so on. Like I’m laughing.

What did it say? So many of this one. So good. I think I’m gonna use it on my sister to try.

So nice. I have more. I have two more stuff. I don’t know. Okay, thank you, man. The mattress cover. So Eugene mattress, paddy mattress, lie oh, for liberty. Well, look, might dislike cover running, just a protector, organic escape cooling effects. I sit down. Sorry. So you might present. Look at this. So nice. Yeah, I will show you how to use it later. Much needed stuff. I needed this stuff. Exam ignore, make them using pets. Rubber pets are only if you have a pet, you need to starve. Okay, this is to broom rate. So any hair or anything, it will take you guys. So let’s try this stuff. I really need it. I because you know, I have two days. So let’s do it. The state. Let me say that. Excuse me. After part 1, I’ll say, wow.