Balancing Work, Gym, and Fun: A Day in the Life with Tricia and Friends

Tricia and I are going for a little drink. These are the beef jeans, comfy, cozy, jumping CD, warm. It’s still quite warm, ash. And you search out the eyebrows that you search out the eyebrows. I’ll just do them there now. Everything else is done. I had like the busiest day ever.

It’s insane. Loved us like machine working out, getting the house sorted and clean for the summer and getting people signed up for the new program. So it’s really exciting. But now it’s the fashion eyes. I think it’s time to . And I was a little bit, you know what I mean?

I don’t know what seeds boss diminished the summer hits our bit of sun. I’m just like, we’re really fancy about the bulmers. So we battle a bulmers. I shall have or maybe I want some wine. I don’t know. I just arrived at us. She said it’s quite early, though.

Still, to be fair, people eat your grasp about half. 9,10, I find. Hello, Tracy. Where are you? Hello, gorgeous boy. How are you today? Oh, hello, gorgeous. Hi, baby.

Did you miss me? Did you miss me? I think you missed me. I love you, Curtis. I did not stop. I didn’t stop. But there’s always time for ropes, isn’t it? So, Teresa, President Fake.

I’ll try to make where we go. Where do we go? Me, Trisha got some burned today. Burned. And I got full complaints. Did not just. Where did they go?

Maybe the anchor are with the square or ladies and cocktails. Oh, don’t know. We’re like two little rap scallions. Of course, with mischief. Out by 9, home by 10. Interrupt, Trisha. That’s right. Interrupt.

Paid by half 10, Trisha, I just had to get outside the house cuz I’ve been in the house all day doing all the cleaning and the work and I just need to get out into the town and enjoy the facilities that are facilitating us in the facility in the vicinity of our location, our locality, in our area here in the town. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, there really is some lovely pubs locations in the locality of our location. Some crowds out the sun, well, the sun is now gone, but went to the Lady Bell here, lovely Akshan 10 party here was the last weekend before, the weekend before at the clam hen party here. It was lovely.

Great group. Back shake tricious coat battle is now my tripod, guys. I just had to get an ice coat battle. I think it’s called mcnath in England’s. Is it Magnus in England? That’s different name on a Trish. We chose the quiet Life. There’s like nobles here.

There is. The pub is packed, but it’s lovely. Just she lashed cuz their heads on that. There probably shouldn’t be a heads on the. Excuse me. I’ve never imagined a bit of heads though.

Should not be interested to know what I mean, like to know, okay, that needs. Phẩy. Phẩy. Chia sẻ. Quang cảnh.

Phẩy. Delicious is malicious. That’s just chill the out for what? Do you know what I mean? You must also enjoy life, not just work balance. Is that right? Work. All we do is work, obviously.

Thank. But you focus, Tricia. Yes, you’ve been on a little head chain yourself. Trisha Entertainment me. What do you think of the gym?

First of all, I did take, at first I was like going, yeah. But then I got to enjoy it. What do you think was like, obviously, I said you right, we have to go gym, we have to try it out.

But like you were someone who never, ever went to the gym. Never. If someone was really nervous, what would you say to him?

Cuz I get a lot of people saying I’m so nervous to start the game. What should I do? So headache that that was a good step. I have just okay, walk in and like, well, on your first day, how did you feel? You’re like, oh my gods, kids wear so I’m out.

You can’t swear. You can say, oh my God, oh, , oh , your brick break. But watch me. Is it like easier? Nobody looked at me, nobody looking chat people don’t. They actually don’t. Sure they don’t. That’s one thing.

Everybody thinks that when you go to the gym, everyone’s gonna be like staring at you, but they really don’t. It’s just, you know, getting. Do you think have a plan in place? Yeah, like I help Trisha get together a plan for herself. You know what I mean?

So you know what you’re doing if you’re not sure, going and ask the shafter. That’s literally what they’re paid for. But like everybody is entitled to be in the gym, no matter who you are, what age you are, or what size you are right there. Nobody has any rights over anybody in the gym. So you go and work out and feel good in yourself. Have you found that your overall like outlook and in work and how was it positively like helped you more active?

Well, that’s a definite but how have you found like has a benefits during your daily life? Are you feeling stronger? Are you feeling more at the same? Yes, struggle a lot. Positive with myself. Some are positive. You actually listen like a lot already. Like you didn’t have much to do with Trish.

What do you have you like 16 or 17 pounds? Yeah, about 16,70 pounds. That’s crazy. And like you’re so close to your goal. I think you’re like 2 pounds, right? Two pounds. It’s always the mastered way to take sages. But like, it is really good though, isn’t it?

I love the gym, but it’s all about balance. Do you mean? Isn’t it about balance? So you can’t be like, you know, you have to do things that are sustainable that you’re able to do and that actually suits your lifestyle, not just health for leather and being healthy, going to the gym, getting your steps in and doing nothing outside that you need to have a life. It’s about striking that balance.

Thank you for coming to my edge talk, Tricia. Now we can actually just enjoy your tree choose for the second time to good health and good balance. Happy Sasha to you. Don’t forget to give me a follow right there. And I’m also over on Instagram at Edgar Kirby.