The Tipping Point: A Global Financial Revolution in the Making

In one week, everything could be changing for the US dollar. That is because the bricks nations are coming together for their big event in Russia and China will be there. And of course, the acceleration to the brick’s currency right now, which is course based on commodities, based on gold, is accelerating at a pace that the United States has dramatically underappreciated and they are left right now gonna be holding the bag. That’s why Trump last week came out and actually talked about this. And so we cannot allow countries to move off the US dollar.

That would be like a revolutionary war, he said. And of course, the Biden administration is actively freaking out about this. Janet Yellen traveling to China, of course, last week. Anthony Blinken also going to China last week and trying to s convince Xi Jinping to stop supporting Russia. I mean, now they’re freaking out. They literally didn’t see this coming. We accelerated this mess because of our sanctions against Russia following the outbreak of war in Ukraine. We pushed Russia to war in Ukraine and now we’re left holding the bag. Yeah, if you need the history of this, of course, going back to 2014, we fomented a coup in Ukraine and pushed NATO right up to their doorstep. And then Russia invades, says we’re not gonna allow this to happen, we sanction them, actually hurts the United States more than anything. And they’re like, oh, really, you’re gonna sanction us? You don’t wanna have to do business with us anymore? Fine, we’re gonna create our own currency backed by gold, backed by precious metals, and you guys are gonna be left holding the bag of the US dollar. We’re done.

And of course, now we’re seeing this acceleration away from the US dollar across the board. So this week, or last week, I should say, last week, we saw a number of African countries coming out and saying we want to get our gold out of the United States. We want to repatriate our gold, which I also find very interesting. Like why is there gold stored in the United States anyway? That was a, that was news to me. But sure enough, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and others trying to pull their gold out of the United States. So the gold holdings that we try to control in the United States, they’re done. They want it out. They want to move it back to their home countries. This is a major move, guys, away from the US dollar hegemony controlling the entire money supply. So sure, we’ll keep our gold in the United States cuz nothing really is gonna happen. You guys control the seas with your Navy. You guys protect trade routes. You guys are the US reserve dollar currency of the world. That’s how the entire world operates until it stops operating that way. And now, of course, the pressure from Russia and China against these currencies and against them using the US dollar. I mean, heck, last week we saw Niger, a country of Nigeria. This is an unbelievable story, right? We see American troops who are not supposed to be there. They’ve been kicked out. And at this particular air base, they were not supposed to be there. Russian forces show up and they go to the air base and lo and behold, guess who’s there?

American forces. Russians and Americans face to face in Nigeria. And the reason is because Nigeria called on Russia for security. They don’t want the United States there anymore. They’re tired of the United States basically stealing their uranium. So they called upon and the French, by the way, so they call upon Russia for security. So Russian forces show up. There’s American forces in a base they’re not supposed to be in. Like this is what’s at stake right now, guys. These superpowers are realigning everything. And you’re gonna see in a week’s time on May 14th in Moscow, this big conference with all of the bricks nations there and the focus is currency. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how China involves itself with this. And to a much larger degree, of course, the yuan backed currency and in moving fully away from the US dollar, Mark my words, next week, it’s all coming together at the same time, guys. It’s, the timing of this is, it’s not coincidental. You have the head of the EU, one of the chief diplomats for the European Union, Joseph Borel, saying that Ukraine is going to collapse in a matter of two weeks, right? He said that the other day. And then bricks is holding its big conference around currency in two weeks. Like the timing on all of this is so fishy, right? You know that Europe right now wants to put boots on the ground inside of Ukraine. You have French President Macron coming out saying that we cannot rule that out and that if Russia advances anymore, we should put European forces and boots on the ground inside of Ukraine to stop this. Chief diplomat for the EU comes out and says that Ukraine’s about to collapse in two weeks. And all of this is to again, follow the money, follow the gold, follow the money. It’s, it was never about democracy, preserving democracy in Ukraine. It was always about the money and they decline of the US dollar, western hegemony right now on the decline.

I mean, again, you don’t come out with, you know, Mccrone says last week that Europe is facing death. I mean, really? So all of these big moments, all these big words being floated around about the decline of the US dollar, the death of Europe from the French president, Ukraine is about to collapse and you’re seeing this rise of Russia and the bricks currency right now. And by the way, that’s why you’re seeing gold prices going up so much cuz we’re already such a constrained supply of precious metals that they don’t have it. They don’t have enough gold to supply this if they’re gonna build their entire currency around commodity, specifically gold, there’s gonna be a lot more mining that’s gonna need to happen. And of course, a lot of the mining that’s gonna take place in countries like Papua, New Guinea and other places, you’re going to see western influence colliding with European influence and west and Eastern influence right now, guys.

So we’re at a really interesting moment. In fact, I pinned a new report, co authored a new report, and it’s what Putin did, I felt about a week ago, which is unbelievable to JP. Morgan and trying to go in and actually take away JP. Morgan’s assets, seizing billions of dollars in JP. Morgan assets. And you’re gonna start to see this more and more. If the west wants to seize assets from Russia, billions of dollars held in banks, then that’s exactly what Russia is doing right now, seizing assets, billions of dollars from United States assets inside of Russia. And this is a financial war of the UN, you know, unlike anything we’ve seen in decades.

So check out that. I’ll put the link up here on the screen. I want you guys all go download it. It’s really fascinating and it’s a really good report. I encourage you all to read it so you can understand what’s.