Maximizing Gym Recovery: Importance of Warm Ups, Proper Programming, Hydration, Nutrition, and Sleep

Alright, so just from the gym nikah cuy apa Facebook nih karena macam aku najwa sobat sekalian analisa camp recovery please icona kuroaka so dikasih nama leo. The pitier, too, briefly about recovery and things we can do to improve our recovery. So keep you a question. Proper warm up. We wanna do some people just walk into the gym and go straight to the weights. So it’s very important to warm up before your workout, basically. Stiffness and finances your flexibility as you do you do your name to donglenya program yang basically how you program. Your workouts, you’re as good as what you can recover from.

So basically, you, it’s good and it’s important to train with intensity, but don’t overtrain. Basically, if unayova due to a point where it affects even the following days workout upper owner of a train. So make sure you program in such a way that, yes, you’re training with intensity, but you’re able to recover from it as well. Secondly, don’t train a sow muscle. So for example, there’s a comet, train legs, Leo, and maybe. Ya support thx agen in two days by the time to day Indonesia guna file badoo mazzari kawah. So you can give it a day. Because uki trinasoma solutionar son escollo mas olvido de curricán.

Izquierdo atau inang mas bro zone so make sure you can contact hasil 4 free hydration so hydration tongliao of course what is very important, say and mention before electronics importance. Personaly what it during my. Indonesia is ini itu exchange. Extenze. En Amazon Recavery Ents Electrolades su biscle just. Pudas group in my.

Saya kabur dulu kasih nutrend nanya sama ji. So i just to touch my words. Nah si dia nah your biasa we can check in time of the day even after we can still continuing hukum make sure that the day anda tinggi luar biasa vanya i pod pemilihan pink sold 2 naik 3 koma sold out. Kata dia piano elektronik xxx. This is what I take. Another thing that is important for hydration, nicketing about creatine and its benefits.

So another important benefit of creating in a boosts water content in the muscle. So now muscle EQ are well hydrated in a reduced or muscle crumbs as well. So creatine is also very important for hydration. Ana sing segini kurang pangkapi bad thing nambah foo is a quick protein didik so sekali protein is the building block for masul so ina si dia buat masud masud. And one thing really notice, any feedback from a lot of people is a heavy or very solid meals immediately after naming me new experience here as well. So that’s why I make sure. I my protein apa nih? Kudu next sample ini ruwan protein icona sixty five.

And each serving has 24 grams of protein. Now, in addition, PA is gonna be Casper. So protein in technique, protein supplement in Akusadia could hit your daily protein goal. So. Pak soni, why do immediately after my show i check my protection xxx gold Widodo afta kanawa i can have a solid mila zury member. Protein sama ini suplemen diet nota foodplace di dunia itu oopo awal home home food mills kushedya com gayo kutus saya dia curiga awal protein gol yaso protein is very important for recovery as well nah about creating waduh liza watch time you can check it. You can check in time for me quote dari buku maksimal maksimal recovery as well.

I kids ini dia, so you can combine them in you should you can put a quo protein creatine xcover recovery yes nama file kuning down after your voice very important is important to speech after you koordinasi dia tuh sekali masuk qx so important duck. Yoo ah in adio stiffness. Nancy Zecavari en Lastley Whist is bettery important en the most inglected is addiquet slipknot. Nutrition is on point. Supplementation izon points you wake up plan program ini zone points baca sama liangku shakila kitu kuas lip my opinion sleep is me is the most. Important of all of those, both for muscle growth and for recovery as well. And it doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose weight or.

Doa tapi duo masul sleep is very important. Coba kaji tuna la the body shop home. Un cole grotho. Montse Vesicaly. En aceite anahí o en aceite anaibo masol gripea. Tiap hari aku sama dia aku perform beda. The next day semua survei mendapatkan mouse people they don ala my three of awas the prices awas aq otomatis ke Facebook sama Instagram. To investigation.

So try if you can to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Too much? At least six hours. So between six to eight hours in a quarter impulse and ocended to your next workout with just two hours of sleep, your performance it occur hindered as well. So those.

Kerja sama the tips HI foury foto, jamal ditulis on Facebook page and everyone. Humic have the same issue so cuma giat jua wb. Semoga juga programming mobil hydration cuma aja protein titik q ajwa kuling don various tapi ya cuma dia bawa lipstik question make you drop its our Facebook page alias covid sama Instagram najwa najib bakso ayo this helps if questions make richards tuas on social media platform chief of the day. Kita diskusi.