Hollywood Studios Adventure: A Journey to Galaxy’s Edge and Beyond

Hey, their friends. I just made it to the parking lot of Hollywood Studio. So welcome to a Hollywood Studios mini blog. All right, I made it into the park. I don’t have an agenda. I’m conscious here for the Hollywood studio vibes. Of course we’re gonna go to Galaxies Edge. Also, today is the hottest day in history and I brought this neck fan. Now I’ve been seeing a lot of creators like promote this like little fan here. And listen, I’m always keep it 100 this thing, eh, the way people are saying, like it makes you feel so cool while you’re in the parks. That’s a lie. It is a lie. Because if it is hot outside, all this thing is doing is blowing hot air into your face.

First order of business, I need an ice cold beer because I am just feeling like a beer will do me right. Alright, I got my beer. Here’s to a fun day at Hollywood Studios. Cheers. It’s harder to have it around my neck than it’s actually like cooling. Do not buy this. I’m honestly a little surprised. It’s not that busy here in Hollywood studios. And I think it might be because of the heat like it is just so hot. So we are headed straight to Galaxy’s Edge. You know what?

Before watching all of these Star Wars and getting into the franchise, Hollywood Studios was like my least favorite part. And now I can’t seem to stay away and all I wanna do is come here and just walk around Galaxies Edge and just be in that atmosphere. I just love it so much. And by the way, I just finished The Book of Boba Fett, and now I am on Season 3 of the Mandalorian. And then after that, I can finally start Asoka, which I have been awaiting for. I’m so excited to see it. And I, I’m, she was amazing.

I can’t wait to start this. Rise of the resistance is a 75 minute wait, which is honestly not too bad. So I think I’m actually going to do it today. I’ve done this at least six times this month and we’re only on like the 9th, the 10th or the 11th. I don’t know the dates. Calendars, they’re all hard. Alright, so we’re gonna do a lap of Galaxies Edge and then I have, they use the little Padawan rooms, but let’s take a look at some of the merchandise at this cart. Here is a helmet, I think a rebel helmet. Yeah, so cool. I’m actually gonna need one of these for my may the 4th cosplay next year because I am going to go as a rebel and this doesn’t have the price, but it’s gotta be at least 100 bucks. Well, this jacket would be awesome for my cosplay. It’s 129,99. I’ll try and DIY it myself, but if not, I’m buying this jacket cuz it works and I could use it all the time now. Yeah, it’s not that hot here in Florida. I wear it right now. Check out these at Wing Pins. Oh, my god. It’s 1499 and I need it. This vest would also be awesome for may the fourth next year. It’s 49 and 99. I feel like I can just buy the orange jumpsuit from like Halloween Spirit this year and then buy all the accessories here. So that way I don’t have to buy like the full, you know, niche. Alright, I use the Padawan room. I feel refreshed. My beer hit the system. I got a nice buzz going and now it is time to do a rise of the resistance. And I’m only doing it today because most of the queue is inside the cave portion and it’s pretty cool in there. Oh man, rise of the resistance dropped down to 45 minutes and now like a whole rush of people just went in. We gotta go.

Maybe eight. Is that. We want to set both. Good. Tell them it’s a prisoner trying to follow who make these two troids. Anyway, I see no evidence now from. The alarm opens, an organization.

We just got off of rise of resistance and look who was out and about. We have a rebel, chewy and Ray. I haven’t seen Ray out in about, in forever. We are hereby Smugglers run and the millennian Falcon. And there are some stormtroopers just storming and trooping. So let’s see what they’re up to. All right.

All now, please. Yeah, yeah, good friend. That’s confirm now that I am in my full force of my Star Wars era. I appreciate like these little details like the droids just hanging out in front of Droid Depot. Like when I used to come here, I would just walk right past them and just be like, alright, but now, mad respect and I love the droids in the franchise.

Oh, oh my God. He moves and he talks. Excuse me. Hi, how are you? My name is Kevin. I’m a full time Disney blogger. What do you do? Oh, the silent treatment. Alright, right outside the Droid depot, they have this mat here where you can take your droid and just hang out. Earlier today when I was just walking by, there were at least like 20 different droids just hanging out here playing on the mat. I really want one. I really want one.

Alright, friends, I think I’m done here at Hollywood Studios, but I’m not prepared for the vlog to be over. So I think we’re gonna do some park hopping. It’s been a while since we’ve done a park hopping extra ganza. And I think we should head to apply. Let’s do it. Still very hot, by the way.

Gosh, as we’re exiting the park, there is Mary Poppins and one of the Pink Twins. I have never seen them out and about here at Hollywood Studios. How cool. I am sitting in my car, just caught to Epcot. I’m just hanging out here in the air conditioning, just waiting for the sun to just like just chill sun. I don’t know who needs to return the stone. Give to fee her heart back. Return the heart rocket back to the ocean. Do what you have to do to make this stop because it is so hot. And to think this is only may, we have July and August is we’re gonna evaporate. We’re all going to evaporate. This is crazy. All right. And we made it to Epcot. Epcot is my favorite park, especially like when I don’t have anything planned on what I’m going to do for the day. Like it’s just such a chill vibe. Like anything can happen here at Epcot. The possibilities are endless. The first step we’re gonna do is Spaceship Earth. It’s only a five minute wait. And I wanna stay indoors as much as possible. And I love Spaceship Earth. This and living with the land are like my favorite attractions here in Epcot and maybe even all of Walt Disneyworld.

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All right, friends, I just got off Spaceship Earth. I’m trying to push through, but I think the sun literally beat me to a pulp. So I’m gonna jet out. I’m so exhausted. For more Disney content just like this, hit that follow button. Thanks for watching. Bye Bye. I’ll do better next time. No promise.