The Journey of 6,001: Exploring the Evolution of Mr Beast’s Second Channel

6,001 or simply called Beast is the second channel to Mr Beast, 6,000 and all the videos on the channel or about money. Well, that’s what he claimed at the beginning. He originally posted the same videos as what he had uploaded to the me talk over games channel. Interesting.

At that actual real.

Particular that stood out, me and the Smith plays misunderstanding where Jimmy made a video talking about how the Smith got a drama idea from him, quote, heated arguments. The Smith stole my original idea. To be fair.

I really feel so stupid about these.

Kind of things. In my video, a shout out.

I did the same thing. I remember like having like angry emails with somebody because I felt like he kept doing the same Minecraft mod videos that I was doing. And it’s just like 10 years later, who cares? We had like proper angry little back and forth about it.

Kind of that uploaded it lmao at yt beast yt not at all do oh god.

This is a heated argument.

Feta happened to me as well. I owe you on a polar.

Third place. Smith, please.

Just a stupid move on my behalf. Giving proper credit on a tweet. And after this, Mr b 6,001 would transfer into a monkey channel posting videos such what an.

Honor it would be to other perfect Mr Beast video about how much money you made on YouTube at.

Their social blade. Today we’re gonna be talking.

About how much Dude Perfect makes. And in the last 30 days, they’ve gotten 86 million views, which is roughly around $90,000. But there’s five people that run the channel. So that 90,000.

Dollar, I love how we just base this off social blade, which is like incredibly inflated, but.

Even still 90,000/5.

Such easy content is 18,000, but it just got good.

Views of February 2017 is when Mr Bee’s 6,001 would upload his last video to that channel. Not saying anything. Seeing.

This, it’s just like a, it’s like a thumbnail video, isn’t it? Where he’s try and get.

Thumbnails. Fifth biggest channel on this list is Mr Beast.

Fifth biggest. We’ve still got a long way ago, so I haven’t been mentioned yet. So we’re, we must been, we’re in the top five. That’s nice. I’ll take drivers.

This channel is solemnly a placeholder to Mr Beasts video 200,000 dollar YouTube Cuba Battle Royale which was posted almost a year prior. He links part 2 in the description of that video and gathered just over a million views on the video, which was simply a less edited second game of the battle royale.

It’s a shame it didn’t keep up with this channel cuz a lot of people request like extended versions of the main channel content. I suppose it’s less necessary these days because he’s already slowed down his pacing. But yeah, this channel would have been a perfect place to just put extra unused footage from the main channel so.

I could upload the part 2 of the Youtuber Battle Royale. Enjoy is what Mr Beast left in the comments. So.

Just we can make it how many subscribers did he get based on just this one with the channel.

Here? Mr Beast potentially could have lost the original footage to that game, but still decided to release the first part on his main channel. Then 10 months later.

Someone, oh yeah, cuz there’s a big delay that is weird.

Bothered to edit it. And Jimmy said something along the lines of just make a new channel and chuck it on there, people can find it if they want, and that seems to be the case as there is no other activity. That does sound like him. In fact, it’s 1 million.

Views on that one.

Video. It doesn’t even have profile.

Page. Not many subscribers, actually.

To be fair, Mr Beast, abandoned is more than just a throwaway channel. Don’t subscribe comfortably at 1.2,7.2.

Know it. 1.27 million. That is a lot. Here we get an end.

Banger. Both read, please don’t subscribe. So I don’t have to give Jack. And what this is referring to? What’s it referring to? September of 2020, Mr B. It’s minor.

Becky’s little animation that.

We made a challenge to get a channel with zero subscribers to 1 million without posting any videos on it. Needless to say.

Wow, that’s an incredible feat. Imagine getting 1 million subscribers on a channel without any videos. That would be very impressive. Truly, this drug success life guy didn’t manage that. Let’s.

Find out videos on it. Needless to say, he was successful. What he got the sub count. But despite taking a full year to reach 1 million subscribers. Alright, I.

Mean, there’s not a, you know, I don’t say like that. I was in no rush. I thought I’ll draw this out. I’ll work on other videos in between. Mr Lee said there was no time limit. Yes, it took me a year, but that’s how I kept it interesting. That’s how I made sure that people still hands cuz I didn’t just flood them with stuff. You know what I’m saying? Mr.

B still gave the hundred thousand dollar cash.

Hell yeah.

I did. Which he helped to get. That’s so crazy. On a billboard. Dying his hair pink as well as wrapping his Tesla pink in the span of 50.

You see it right there.

Woo. The span of 15 different videos. Now, the next.

15 took me 15 videos to get to 1 million subscribers. I said, that’s pretty good.