Unveiling the Truth: The Importance of Whistleblowers in Exposing Injustice and Corruption

Let’s talk about why getting the whistleblowers in bad situations like police brutality situations fired just creates more of a problem. Because while majority of my comments on that viral video about what’s going on in Texas, people understand how this works. There are small handful of people who don’t, and I’m sure there are more people outside of that that do not also. So as I explain in that video, these are the only cops that I trust with the truth, especially after everything that has happened to me. I am very a cap, right? There’s also dozens, if not hundred, the comment section of that video is not for the week. Be the amount of people who are like, yes, happening here too. Yep, I knew better already. And all this cry, it’s disgusting.

Here’s the problem. I sent both of those screenshots to like every news channel and I already do. It probably was gonna be, I was probably gonna be told no, because you’re not gonna get anything off of a couple of messages that were sent in group chats because the cops aren’t stupid. Like these bad people are not stupid. A lot of them do this by word of mouth, like sit there and talk about certain things to make sure that there’s no evidence trail of it. There are cops. I have a guy that I serve in the army with who trying to be very careful about the details got out and is now on his 3rd police department for being at least like not being able to handle the crappy things that they do and straight UPS like, yeah, they will do it. They will even tell them for meetings to make them put their cell phones outside of the room to avoid recordings, which is why it is important, even though I am a cab there, it is important to have that tiny percent there that is willing to speak out, that is willing to risk their careers, willing to risk their lives in general.

By the way, like Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. You know that cop. That was just one, a bunch of money. Fun fact, if you actually dig into a case, you will find out that she was massively essayed by the whole thing and it all started over blackmail by cop. But if you only just Google her, you will find enormous amounts of slander, including on here, you will find hundreds of videos of people being like, oh, that’s, no, she’s just horrible, but that’s why she won the money because they literally slanded her everywhere. Anybody who speaks out the truth about any, the police, government, military, big companies in general, because capitalism, they’re framed to be crazy or they magically end up passing away, right? The videos you see on here that are constantly like, hey, just so everybody knows, I am not suicidal, which by the way, but I also am not suicidal and things like that. People post out before they blow the whistle on something are made for a reason. And every time something like that happens, it also scares away more people from speaking out. Also, if you just listen to the details of those videos, the cops that I’m talking about aren’t the ones doing these things. They are the literally the ones whistle blowing on it and warning people about it. Like right now, if I came and I was like, these are the cops that told me this, you know what would happen? Especially if with that many views on the video, they would all get fired. They would all be harassed. They basically be ran out of town, I’ll tell you that right now, because Texas, they’re gonna be framed to be crazy. They’re gonna be framed to be lying. They’re gonna be told that it was out of context. Did they’re gonna be told, oh, no, none of that actually happened. Or if somebody like finds a way to prove that those screenshots are real, like somebody important enough, because their screenshots are real, but like if somebody important enough is that able to be like, yeah, these are real screenshots and they’ll be like, oh no, it wasn’t a police wide issue. It was just that one guy that sent a message and the other guy that was agreeing with him, we’re just gonna fire them. And now the problem is gone.

It could actually make it worse because then people can be like, oh, well, now I feel safe doing this. You know, they’re advertising this as a way to help autistic people. And it was just a couple of bad apples, right? It was just a couple of bad apples. So now I can put, you know, I don’t have to worry. I’ll go ahead and put that on my license. No, anytime the government wants you to disclose, like Mark yourself as disabled for things like that. I’m not talking about like a handicap blacker, but if for anything like that, yeah, run. That is never a good sign. Just the harsh reality of things in the United States, and I am speaking from my experience with a lot of different fields. If you’re a good person and you’re trying to make real change and trying to do something good in certain fields like the police and also, by the way, the military. And yes, I’m saying that is an honorably discharge, 100% disable bet. But if you try to make real change, you’re going to be framed to be crazy. You’re gonna be framed to be this awful person, or they’re just gonna, you know, yeah. And that’s not a conspiracy theory. These are like public things that are well known. You just have to actually deep dive into it. You can see the history of how a lot of times when these crazy accusations with no like solid real proof comes out about a celebrity or, you know, a cop or military, whatever, whoever the person is right at, right before that, they were speaking out against either large companies, the, you, US government, the military, the cops, whatever the case may be. The military even has their own nickname for it, and it’s called Blue Falcon. And they make it seem like this horrible thing that’s like us basically as major insult to call somebody when it’s people just wanting the truth out there so that people can be treated like they should, like human rights, basic human rights. But yeah, that is the logistics of that. Since a few people seem to have missed it.