Parental Checklist: Navigating Future Partners and Expectations

What checklist did your parents give you about your future partner? นี่กูบู๊เทลบุ๊คไปที่โกวูอ่ะถ้ามันเซ็งเมื่อเด็ก.

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Look, I ran into a conversation yesterday with my little brother and my uncle. So the entire conversation was around women and I was like, I am very much interested in this conversation. You know me, I like the juice. So I was like, okay, let me pay attention to this conversation. And I was in another room, but I was paying attention to this entire conversation. So my uncle was basically saying that he regrets not going along with the dating someone that was in his life once upon a time and the fact that he, she was a yellow bone, I, it was a proper thing to do, you know, for him. Now the problem was the fact that osammy, and now he is really instilling this idea that my low brother should date a yellow bone and should get married to a yellow bone. And I was like, yeah, this is going to get tricky. But at the same time, you know, parents want you to date an ideal person. In their head, there is an idea that they have in their head that it should be a yellow bone should wake at this place and should end this much. I think it happens to everyone. I don’t think for me, they wanted a girl and guess what? We’re not sure about that situation, but we’ll see. Tamil tell. I don’t know. I’m everywhere. You know, I can date a girl, I can date a guy is whatever the end of the day, you know. What specifications did your parents give you about you future wife or husband?

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