Navigating the Tech World: Elon Musk’s Lawsuits, Social Media Governance, and the Future of AI Truth

Elon has said he’ll drop the lawsuit if they’ll simply change the name to closed AI 1. Do you think he’s being serious to, would Sam be a fool to not do that or is this one of those where he would look, I think.

The lawsuit is meritless. I don’t think it’s, it has legs.

Elon’s whole beef is that it was supposed to be completely open sourced and wasn’t. Yes. Do you think that’s really the fight? Is it really about that or is this personal?

It’s personal, but I do agree was supposed to be open sourced. That’s why the whole thing was called OpenAI. And it’s not open. They’ll get there. But what I find fascinating is kind of irrelevant because the open source models are now performing at par with the closed source models. And over time they’ll just be better and they’ll be have transparency and auditability and all the other good things. We’re working with the Casper blockchain, which is now working on auditing AI systems in a powerful way. And I think at some point, somebody will have sense they should just go off and do some MDMA together and figure it out.

I think this is a grudge because he did put a lot of money into it to fund open research on it, which I think was the right thing to do. I think Sam saw an opportunity, a, create a lot of commercial value and b, open it up to the world and said go for.

You said that you think Elon is doing something wrong with X, formerly known as Twitter. What’s he doing wrong?

I think you can’t have a public town square without policing of it over, watching over. Like if somebody puts out a blatant lie, you should take them out. I think it’s the, the, and this is a gray area, obviously. And maybe it was a bit too, there was too much kind of managing of the messaging and people are getting banned for all sorts of reason. And the minute government gets its hand on that, that’s the whole other big issue. But letting Nazis and all sorts of other crazy people rant on it, I don’t think it’s that helpful. How do you.

Carve with a lie?

Yeah, this is again, the metaphysical problem of truth. I have a whole metaphysics thing on truth. Should I describe it to you? Well.

You just said you can’t let people do things that are alive. If lies are hard to pin down, which I think they are, then what would you want him to do other than Community Notes, which seems from where I’m sitting, I think.

Community Notes is going on. Look, here’s where I’m excited. Elon has, there’s a segment here did, which were on the all in podcast. He was on it a few months ago, which I found really, I loved it, which was he said, we’re going for, you could go for a base hit feature that you add or you can go for a home run feature and the hell with the basics. We’re going for some home runs and we’re gonna not, we’re gonna strike out a bunch of times if you go for home run, but once in a while we’ll hit it right. And we’re making a bet. We’re going for the home run. I love that metaphor for product development because it means things move and improve much more quickly.

I think where I would like to see him take Twitter is put in the oversight and the censorship, call it whatever you made to make sure that accurate speech and hate speech is not on there, etc. That’s one, how you do that is a gray area. It’s hard to do that. But where I’m would be incredibly excited, I’m hoping he does this, is please give every Twitter or ex user a crypto wallet and open that up. And that I think will change the world. That I think is where things get really interesting because they’ll be instantly the biggest crypto community in the world. In one shot, you’ll be the biggest bank in the world in one shot. I’m sure that they’re looking at it, and the question is how to do that and at what level of, yeah, that’s where I think things become really interesting. And when I think about him making the comment about home run type stuff, that’s where I would like to see go.

Accurate speech and hate speech does this. Minus AI, does this not seem like an impossible problem? I actually don’t see a solution. It’s a.

Very hard problem. You need AI to deal with this. So the, the, as we mentioned, when Peter and I were on the second place prize, envisioning the second best idea was an AI truth agent that would basically scan and say, this is real, this is fake or not, and tell.

You the mechanism.

We don’t know. That’s why you need an express is to say here’s a prize of $10 million and anybody can create an AI.

It was, there will be, you guys are voting on an express is to create. That’s.

Right. Got it. And every year we get together with 300 of the top impact folks in the world. You should come do it. If nothing by that, by your name and so on. And we debate and have contests on how to, an internal discussion on what prizes should we be trying to fund and get funded, what problems should we be trying to solve that the markets won’t cover, governments won’t, aren’t dealing with it, etc. And the second place one was the AI truth about the one that I nominated a few years ago that came in second place was and off grid energy storage, 50 times cheaper than today’s battery storage. If you could do that, then you could unleash decentralized energy anywhere in the world. But unfortunately, I came up in the finals against Ferrell Williams. Very hard to come with a rapper. Yeah, a rapper on stage. I don’t. I don’t have the, I don’t have that kind.

Of present. You know, I can be dropping an album anytime soon.