Unlocking the Power of Social Media Marketing for Your Business: Strategies and Insights

Masak namanya fundamen oke aman. Ambiance non Resso or Cafe Namin.

Tell you guys the amount of cafes or restaurants I. Bentu tapes mesir menyusul oke namanya. Ambiance. And I’ve actually talked with some business owners who had this struggle, believe Napilika is a product mall or a service mall or a cafe or restaurant mall. Whatever your business is. Coba bapak isu ketegangan insan basket paket e learning yang costumer.

So I’m gonna share with you in this video why that is. Because you’re not pushing your marketing. A lot of business owners post just for the sake of posting. There’s no strategy behind it. It’s more about them. It’s not really more about what the audience wants to see. I’ve talked to a cafe before, and they’ve been in the business for so many years already.

And they’re kind of sad because there have been an influx of cafes around them. Is you bagung kafein atau silet payung merah. In customers. And the reason why that is we observe that this new cafes, they’ve been really working hard to put out contents online. They’re really pushing out content and marketing its cafe to entice its customers. This is why you would see a lot of content creators or people online, but propose.

But the thing is, it was still able to entice a lot of people to come into their cafe or to whatever business they have. And that is because of social media marketing. You’re a business owner. Do not sleep on social media. Cuz even these businesses who have like bare minimum products or quality, but still people still go to them, illa, because they see it a lot. And one of the common things with these business owners, they would think social media marketing is just something that they can DIY or something that can be easy to deal with.

And the rationale behind it is I look at Facebook, I have an account, posting, counting, edit, and that’s it. But no, that’s not how it works. These successful brands, even if they’re new, even if Tahago, Alanya, or even if they just started a few years ago, the reason why they are successful, it’s because they figured out how to market to their audience, to their target market. And words online, it spreads like wildfire. So if you’re thinking that, okay, naming products, naming coffee or you business or you location, namin customers, then girl, if it’s not your product, it’s not the service that people have issue with, then most likely it’s because they don’t know anything about you.

They haven’t heard anything about you yet. So you need to make an effort to be known by these people because what can a delicious food or a specialty drink can do if people don’t know anything about it? Because at the end of the day. Gaun apakah sarap lu tuh mau ganggu pakah special coffee mau kayak gak pake static yung? If people don’t know about that, then how can you expect people coming in and there. Sure, people can know more about it through word of mouth, but word of mouth can be very limited.

Like you only need to rely with your existing or past customers. And it’s not 100% guarantee that all of your customers will recommend you. That is why you utilize social media marketing. So maybe for you, after you watch this video, go on and create that Facebook page, Instagram page, or TikTok page for your business, whatever. Start to make that first post.

Or if not your first post, then post something. And if you don’t know where to begin, we have a guide for content creation on our website all over socials that come slash up. And if you really want to take your social media marketing for your business seriously, you can book a call with us at all over social stuff. Come when you book a call with us, we will do a live audit of your business social media pages and see how we can help you. Or if you have any other questions, let me know the comments.