Reflections on Dealing with a Scammer: A Tale of Delusion and Deception

Guys, you know at what I just realized then? I just realized that I once dated a guy that was as crazy as Dennis ex, right. And he was also a scammer. But like Anna, he’s scammer was not that hectic. Okay, well, I don’t like he wasn’t doing forex. Let me put it like that. He was actually doing, he was selling sneakers and stuff and he scammed a couple of people, even people that were like close to me, guys, they were so embarrassing, right? So now I don’t know if it’s like a thing that they do really like, is it a trend to like scam people? I don’t know. Is it normal to be and scam people? Is normal to be delusional and scam people? I don’t know. So this guy, I dated him like a long time ago, guys. I was in high school. Like it was a very long time ago, right? And then we broke up because he was crazy. And the breakup was very messy. Like, yo, he was very abusive. And when I eventually spoke out about it, he made it look like I’m the one that’s abusive. And to point where he even chased me away. Guys, like come Midnight, String Lockdown is like leave my house. But I’m like, cool, no problem. I live in the morning. I don’t really wanna get into too much detail. But basically after that, I cut all communication tires with the guy. I blocked them everywhere. I decided to just move on with my life, you know, not involve this guy in my life anymore. This guy comes back in my life, I think two years after that, right? And at the time I was in my gap. Yeah, yeah, I was my gap. And he’s like, I want to marry you. I love you so much. I don’t want to be with you anymore, you know? So when I tell him that, I’m like, you’re an abuse of Mother Faka, you know, stuff like that. He’s like to me, yeah, you a delusional girl. I never laid a hand on you, nothing. And then he also does, he pulls the stunts. Yahoo Ray, I put you things, whatever. What things? My brother, first of all, the things he bought me, guys, were the things that he was telling to his customers. And I’m not saying people that sell things on Instagram, oh, people that sell sneakers on Instagram actually sell things from Joe Book. But then he did, because there was one time I went to joke with him to go and stock, and he came back with a big plastic bag, a black one, full of shoes. Right. And he came back with boxes? No, he had to go to another place to get the boxes. So I’m just like, anyways, fast forward, this guy texted me again last year, was this year? I think it was late last year, early this year on my new account, right? And he’s like to meme. I’m like arguing guys, do you know who huiking like in into a now in English. But basically my reputation fell because I thought I was gonna be the 8 girl forever.

Now there are these new kids that are in fashion. I’m like to him, how, bro? Yeah, in my mind, I’m like, I was never that popular. Like these kids are very popular. Like they are extremely popular, you know, and I’m not. I’m just Kaylee living my life, doing content for fun, nothing serious, nothing hectic. And the sky comes and tells me how I must go compete with 16 and 17 year olds. Well, until yuan, I know I’m not at all. But at the same time, it’s just like online on pace, guys. What are these kids doing with their lives? Day in high school rights others that in high school, I don’t know. I’m in university. I have a different level of stress right now. I don’t have to worry about whose ex I have to solve. I have to worry about like big problems, guys. I have to worry about creating question papers using plume taxonomy. Like, do you understand? So I therefore cannot continuously come on social media to come and try and prove a point of being relevant just because I’m that girl.

And I said to my brother, what are you doing with your life? Like, what are you doing with your life? Cuz all you know is to scam people. You dropped out. You left your house to go on the streets and live in different people’s houses. And when you get to those houses, you treat those people like shade.

Still, Kaizaki is so delusional to a point where he lied and literally told me that his mom got by several men when he was younger. His mom got by several men and him and his siblings had to experience that. And he would walk all the way from the Israel to Joberg to come and look for help. Hey, guys, you know, I actually believe that story until one day, NEH, I was at farmer’s market and I met his cousin. I’m like, and she came to me, she’s like, to me, yo, weren’t you like the girl that was dating this guy? I’m like to her, which guy? And you know, like now I’m confused cuz so many years after, I can’t even remember. She’s like, no man, this guy, cuz I don’t know his real name. She tells me the real name. Now I know the street name. I care. Anyways, the cousin and I will have a discussion and just like to. Mi moto está mi loco boneo. Talk about it because he wants to call the shots, you know? And in my mind, I’m like, how didn’t this guy say his mom died? He said to his mom died. His mom, God, by several men. He had to see those men his mom. His mom had to sleep with men for money. Like you guys, Muslim, you like that guy? So crazy. I thought I should just say, share this. Like, no, you guys don’t have to do anything with this information. But like, I feel like scammers are delusional. Like it’s part of this.