Unraveling the Mystery of Beast React: From Hacks to Gaming Evolution

Any subscribers. I say that’s pretty good cuz I had to convince 1 million people to click a link in the description because obviously I couldn’t upload any of the videos to don’t subscribe. So I think we did well there. What a crazy time that was. And then he just tweets me like, well done. Let me know where I send 100 k any senses on UK. And then that’s it. No content for his channel at all. What a crazy opportunity that was. I want the don’t subscribe channel that I want him to give me the password so I could do a video. Just look at the analytics. I wouldn’t upload anything thing. I just wanna have a look at the analytics.

Next channel that Mr B. All.

Right, that’s our little moment. Gun wipe the jump from one beast reacts. That is definitely considerably more than don.

Subscribe hasn’t been uploaded to in 11 months. And the number one question everyone is asking is why Beast Ring? Let’s find out. 200 videos and every video seems to pull at least 30 million views. But.

It does insane. They’ve said goodbye to 30 million views per video.

Attacks. And they were filming videos similar tough way. Let me hear Logan. Million views. But it wasn’t always going this way. The channel began as Beast Hack. I.

Did not know.

That filming videos similar to 5 minute crafts at.

Except so they were making their own.

Side. The smartest life hacks out there.

Pringles cans are actually great containers for dry. I have no idea they did this and it’s actually Jimmy filming them as well. Those can be a little too long. You can easily fix this by grabbing. I say I don’t think this would be very fulfilling to content to make would it is not cut as well as I thought it would. Oh, I think you’d just get really sick of this if you were actually someone that cared about making good videos. And I can understand why this stuff, that’s because Pringles as a company needs to make it big enough for spaghetti.

However, after Mr Beast decided to slap his face on a thumbnail one day and it pulled eight times as many views.

As, so just wasn’t successful before that.

Brand into Beast React, the channel Skyrock.

Which is arguably easier to do and more enjoyable are with.

The main Mr Boost channel at one point. But during April of 2023, everything that came to a halt. The most recent video, oh, sad, black and white, 33 thin thousand dislikes, a.

Lot of dislikes.

All hand has 123,000. So what went wrong? Well, this was at the time when Mr Beast had to start to spend every living second of his free.

Time. Cuz you’re not in the video. Is that what it is?

As it’s became so big that he decided to let Chris take over the channel. Chris hosted two videos that didn’t even feature Jimmy in them as he was too busy.

To. I can understand people being sad about that. I mean, to actually go as far as dislike it, that is ridiculous stuff.

Involved with the videos. And this was also the time that Chris Tyson was involved with heavy internet drama. Therefore, mentioning.

That is all just ridiculous. There is no reason to hate Chris for all of these kind of things. That is.

Awful for good. But the biggest channel that what.

Is that ending for a really successful chance to.

Beast gaming 42.7 million subscribers and he completely evade. Where did Mr b’s gaming go? You may ask? The answer is actually quite simple. The videos on the Mr.

B. Yeah, cuz this channel did.

Really generally being made to help support the cost of the main channel. I.

Bet it was really.

Fun too, but increasing demand for every video to be better and better didn’t help. Oh, my, Mr Beast was giving out tens of thousands of dollars every video and.

Loose JNG could afford that. Be fine. 500,000, a bit steep for a gaming video. My god, about.

Filming Minecraft videos over and over. There are only so limited ideas to what they can do inside of a game without it being too repetitive. They.

Could still do a nice monthly video. All.

Right, that takes to get the entire team together to film at once, as well as having up to 100 contestants for each video isn’t reasonable anymore as Jimmy’s preference. That is a lot of it looks over to more philanthropic topics instead. It’s also being mentioned that gaming has one of the lowest incomes ads on YouTube.

Does it? I assumed it would be quite high. Let me have a look at that graph for a second. Alright, so gaming right near the bottom along with comedy. I’m guessing comedy is quite low cuz sketches are usually quite short. Body building, I would afford behind travel, then cooking, then s motivational content, beauty, makeup, I thought would be right near the top, fashion lifestyle. So I suppose all of these are quite high smr, pretty high. I guess maybe watch time related tech, cars and gadgets that make sense.

Education. That’s why I tag all of my geography videos as educational, even though I’m quite stupid in them. It’s purely for the CPM, personal finance and digital marketing right at the top. That makes sense. To be fair, I suppose there’s not a huge difference between the price at the middle, you know, $3 to the prices near the bottom, $1. Actually, that’s got a big difference. I was gaming. I have a icpm. I really thought it would.

Being mentioned that gaming has one of the lowest incomes for ads on YouTube videos. Therefore, what could be worth 50? I.

Don’t think it used to. I thought I was doing.

Gaming videos, 150 million on the main channel, which is why it has been 8 hull. Fair enough, since the last gaming upload.

8 months. Never forget. Alright, that was a really interesting video. Thank you indone for putting it together and allowing me to react to it. Speaking of the Dot Subscribe YouTube channel, the Dot Subscribe play button features on my new Youtus, which is available in the description. Also, if I get permission from the op loader, I’d quite like to do these little extra reaction videos every so often. So let me know videos you think would be suitable. Alright, thanks. Bye. I’ll see you later. Linked to original video in the description.