Transforming Mindsets: A Journey of Resilience, Financial Savvy, and Empowerment

I did not expect the responses that I was gonna get from sharing the moment of gifting my daughter her first car. And both of us have been blown away and in tears reading some of the really supportive and loving comments from you guys. Our hearts are so full and I am desperately trying to get to all of the comments because I appreciate you guys so very much. There’s also been a few comments on either my child being spoiled as being privileged or not knowing what it’s like to be poor right now. And I kind of wanted to touch base on those.

It’s not that long ago that I left an ex who, when I left, told me that he was not going to stop until he completely ruins me, that his goal is to get me to analyze myself. And he even submitted in court a text message from me saying, will you please let us leave peacefully? And his reply was, no. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an insanely dark period where I did have some very intrusive thoughts where I thought maybe should be better off if she was left with my life insurance.

But I am not a quitter and I am not giving up on myself or my child. And I did have to learn how to think of money differently and get more creative to be able to fully support my child and myself. One thing I did is I opened a separate savings account and it was kind of like my needs first. Once if I wanted something, I wanted Starbucks and I didn’t need it and I could go home and make myself a cup of coffee. Then I would immediately transfer. What is 10 bucks is what drinks are lately, transfer $10 into the savings account because I didn’t need it, but I was willing to spend the money on it.

Now I’m gonna throw that money and savings, and I would do that with anything if I was at the grocery store and there was an energy drink and I was like, I want this, but I don’t need it. I throw $3 in the savings account. It could be any amount. If you’re out shopping and you’re like, oh, my gosh, I can’t tell you countless times I have gone shopping and then not bought anything cuz I’ll be walking around the store with whatever shirt, dress, anything that I have in my arms. And then I’ll start thinking about it. Okay, is this a need or do I just want it? And if I just wanted it and I didn’t need it, I would look at the total of everything that I had in my arm. I would put it away and then I would transfer that money into savings and you would be separate prize how fast that can add up, especially if you keep it like out of sight, out of mind.

Another thing that we do is we save change. My daughter has so many piggy banks. But you don’t need a piggy bank. You could put it in a jar and you go to your bank or any bank and you can ask for coin rollers and roll them yourself. Don’t use Coin Star, don’t use whatever it is they have at Walmart. They take like a 10,15%. This is getting so long and I’m so sorry. Thank you for still being here.

Changing your mindset is huge as well. One thing that I stop doing is saying I can’t afford dot. I’ll say I choose not to spend my money on dot. There have been plenty of studies, whether you believe in manifestation or not, that your mindset on how you see things, view things and value things true truly matters on what you bring into yourself. And it could be something as simple as based on your mindset, how much effort you’re gonna put in. So having a good mindset, a creative mindset, will also help you come up with different creative ways to bring in other sources of income. This is my third one of these, and it is a transformative guide to help change your mindset.

The process of mind reframing is an extremely powerful psychological tool. And this little journal helps with little steps and activity activities to reframe your mind, to get you to look at things differently. And I promise you, it is going to help it if you commit yourself to it. When you invest in yourself, it also helps free up your mind to stop dwelling on all of the negative and start focusing more on the positive. And that is what this journal is all about. And I swear to you, it’ll help. And lastly, utilize this app.

You know what? I don’t make a ton on the TikTok shop and I’ll be fully transparent. This is what I’ve made in the past seven days. My estimated commission is a whopping $17. But that $17 can go into savings for something. It can help pay a Bill. It can put gas in the car. So it’s not about looking at it like, oh my gosh, this is so annoying. Or, oh my gosh, how do you even start? Or have the energy to do it? Go on the TikTok shop and look through the product marketplace. You can find things that you already have in your house that you’re able to promote. You don’t have to buy it off of the TikTok shop. And if you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t really feel comfortable in front of the camera. Utilize these dam filters. This isn’t my face. I’ll show you my face. This is my face. I’m paid feel and sad. But you know what? I feel more confident with this filter on. And so I’m gonna use it to make this video. Okay, I feel like I’ve rambled too much. So if you are still here, please leave your favorite color in the comments because I need to make sure that I am following you because you are a true friend and supporter and I love you so much. And if you wanna know any more tick strips or ideas on how to utilize TikTok shop or save money or make money, let me know and I can do more videos like this. And I promise I will make them less wordy.