International Speed Dating Adventures: Searching for Love Across Borders

I might as well go home. You’ve got me in a room with four top looking guys and I’m here with dad bod and the only thing I’ve got going for me is my charm. And you’re gonna take that away. Let’s get started so I can deal with the rejection right now. Here.

Comes true. We’ve recruited women from all walks of life. And look at those walks. The only thing they know is they’re here to date men and from outside the US to maximize auggling and avoid any googling, we took their phone.

Shut up.

That’s Jacqueline. Trust me, you’re gonna hear a lot more from her. Let’s see who’s still in slow mo.

I am wholeheartedly searching for love. International men are better embed. Sorry, mom. Think you’re paying for my heart. My name is Gabrielle. A lot of people just call me Gabby. And I’m 33 years old. I’m a TSA agent. Basically, I’m the people that take your water bottle in the airport. This is my new. Sure. I meet a lot of people, though, from other countries. I have so many accents yelling at me all day. I think it’s crazy that I work for TSA and I’ve never left the country before. But I am ready to leave America for love. America is my home, but where my love is also my home.

Oh, Gabby. Oh, Gabby. Here we go, boys.

Nice smile. They’re so, dude, this is so freaking cool. Let’s look at Ryan. Yes, Ryan with the cute smile. I won’t always say the right thing, but my heart is always in the right place. Let’s go. I’m liking him. Lloyd, single by choice? Just not my choice. I love the simplicity.

Gabby is like my type. I notice the way she smiled and her teeth. I think that was the two biggest, like turn on swimming.

Jamie smile. She wanted that. My order to the table shots and banter. Let’s go. We’re gonna party. Sebastian total Hadi likes to have fun. Passionate sunset lover. Enjoy the moment. I love that. Yes, Marco, we’re born to be real, not to be perfect. I love that she seems.

Like she’s coldest.

Who would I be in uniform trying to like tighten my belt and look cute to flirt with? I, what’s.

The odds, boys? What’s the odds? I’m going Ryan? 2 to 1. Yeah, I ran.

I would like to go on a date with Lloyd. His picture said so much. His eyes are super expressive.

Making me blush. And I’m not even looking at Gabby’s Wi-Fi. Gabby is nice. Early go.

First 15 minutes early go. Is his photo now taken away or this stays there? So it’s possible that another girl also four days.

I’m interested to see you next.

I’ve tried every kind of guy, tried the short guy, I’ve tried the tall guy, I’ve tried the bald guy, I’ve tried every guy. He ain’t here. I think that the international man could be it for me. My name is Jacqueline Romano.

I’m 25 years old from Seattle City, New Jersey. I want a guy who’s like on the same level as me, but I’m running like three businesses. I am a gym owner as well as an online boutique owner. I like to live a bougie lifestyle. So I’m looking for a guy with a, and a fatter wallet. I did date a guy like that. Big money, love to spoil me. But after like the 5th Gucci bag, I’m like, you’re annoying. I sold them all. And I got lip filler with money though. So thanks. Oh, oh, exactly. Hey.

She’s got the strap. He’s strap.

Beautiful. She’s beautiful. She’s, yeah. Oh my God, like a live dating app. Have long girl. You know, that’s my type of girl. She came in with huge personality. I was like, okay, I wanna see more about Jacqueline. All right, Ryan, my heart is always in the right place. It doesn’t look like it’s always in the right place. Oh, oh, God. Oh, my God. Floyd is, he’s giving like he’s probably a boy, but I’d still . Oh, Jamie, I don’t love shots for someone who’s 36. I don’t think you should either, Jamie. Yeah, well.

That was brutal. That’s hurting me cuz they don’t know that and they’re not seeing me. I’m just stood there like a regular.

Joe. I don’t know about you. Something in his eyes is scaring me.

That’s hurting. Not being a celebrity right now for me.

Stop. Listen, you, Sebastian.