The Untold Realities of Life After Addiction: Navigating Gratitude, Growth, and Self-Discovery

Tell you what people really don’t talk about. People don’t talk about what happen. You come out of addiction, what happens after you come out of addiction? Because let me tell you something, I took my husband to the airport this morning at 4 a. M. Okay? I dropped him off. This man got up at 3 o’clock in the morning. He ate Turkey, bacon, eggs, guacamole, put his back pathon, got his suitcase, drove us to the airport. I kissed him goodbye. And the immense amount of gratitude that I felt was, is unexplainable. Okay? I am so proud of this man. He went off by himself on a plane to go to Los Angeles, California, to run a 5K with two bears, one cave, Tom Figura, you know, Jelly Roll Bunny, everybody’s gonna be there, whatever. Like living his dreams, dude.

But let me tell you something, when you come out of addiction, I’m talking like the belly of the beast, bottom of the barrel, addiction, your brain still plays tricks on you that you are undeserving, unworthy. You do not deserve this life. Something happens because don’t listen to your brain. Listen to your soul is beyond years. Drive Turkey begin in my teeth of I mean, it has so much wisdom.

Hello, sir. Please walk around. I’m in the middle of a really important video beyond years. And your brain just wants to me, because nobody talks about when you come out of addiction, what happens. It’s difficult. Yes, being an addiction is far worse. But when you come out of addiction and you’re lost and all these good things start to happen to you. You know, your brain just place all these tricks on you and you’re just like, as I drove home today and I was just like, how or why? And then you go to the, you know, why is this happening? This is cool. I love it. I am grateful beyond measure. But what the ? You know, how did we get here?

Write it down, keep it in a locket, whatever you have to do. The best chapter of my life. It is so good. I never wanted to. And have you ever had that? Because I’m telling you now, I am 36 years old and I have never, ever in my life wanted for a chapter not to end.

Currently, I’m in a phase of life, every phase of life that I’ve ever been in, I’ve always been, my gosh, I can’t wait till this is over. When is this phase gonna be over? When am I gonna do it? On to the next chapter of my fight, not this one. I don’t want it to end. And you know, I have this funny way of really self sabotaging, waiting for the barter drop, you know, just waiting when is it gonna get bad again? When is it gonna get bad again? When am I gonna really things up? This time I have chosen to listen to my soul instead of my brain. And I told myself I’m not going to things up because life is a cycle, right? So I have to be uncomfortable to grow and there has to be a next chapter because there always is. But instead of me being fearful of it ending, I am going to be grateful and excited because it’s going to be even better, even more abundant than this one. And I can’t believe it.

Honey, when you see this, I love you and I’m so out of you. If you would have, if you ask somebody who knew me three and a half years ago if I would be this, if they would probably croak. Because I never in a million, trillion, the billion regular years would have been able to sit here and tell you that I would have never been on drugs because I love them so much.

I love them so much more than me. That’s it. And look at me live in.