Navigating Life Through Chaos and Anxiety: A Story of Stress, Makeup Therapy, and Self-Discovery

I have been going through it recently, like life. So just crazy right now. Like I’m not even joking. Like it’s actually so stressful. It’s exam season, like personal problems I’m going through, like, honestly, everything is just all over the place. So I haven’t been filming. I haven’t been like, I literally haven’t even had the time.

Anxiety wise, like anxiety recently has been through the roof. And if you guys have experienced anxiety, you will know it is probably one of the most horrible things you can experience.

You can’t just stop and be like, wait a second, hold up. Like for me, I can’t do that. And it’s just been like so stressful and it’s so hard to sit here and not right. So I just use the next brow bloom. I haven’t even had time to do my brows.

Like I want them to grow out. That’s what I’ve been using. Then I go in with this road glazing milk. I’m not sure on this much. I just reordered some yesterday. It’s probably one of the best skincare products I have.

And I just, military, I’m obsessed with it cuz it’s just like a liquid moisturizer. Wait, I wanna be short and sweet with this. Cuz I have to go and study. Cuz I’m literally in a week and a half, like, I’m not even joking. Like I just wanna cry. But I’ve been using this SPF 50 by ultraviolet.

You guys know I’m obsessed with. I literally have like 10 backups and I’ve been through so many. Just wanted to kind of use this time to just do my makeup, an escape from everything.

Cuz when I do my makeup, it’s a really nice therapy for me. Like, I just love sitting and talking. So I feel like I need someone to vent to guys going through anxiety or whatever. There’s no how it feels. And it’s just really like not nice.

I’m not even gonna sit here and be like, I’m so sorry for how I look, like how I normally work. Cuz genuinely, I’m so sick of saying that. Like, this is the reality. This is what I look like. I don’t even think I look bad.

But, you know, when you just not put together and like perfect for social media, one just thinks that like, it’s just like terrible. And this is just a reality like, yeah, my hair is greasy and what like I am all over the place. I’m tired. But annual, I literally haven’t had time to even s like put my phone up, even put on like, I don’t have time to put on background editor. I’m literally filming on the TikTok app right now.

Sorry if it’s not my normal content, but I like the sit down talking videos. I like listening to people rant about their issues and being like, okay, well, she’s going through the same thing. So am I. Like for the past year, I’ve actually experienced, been going through something that like I’m not really ready to talk about my close friends and family like know this, but it’s been really hard and I am like I am trying to get better and stuff like that. But as I said, the anxiety and stuff is just like not nice, really not nice.

And I think for the past year is the time where I’ve actually experienced like proper anxiety. Just use the Charlotte to referral. So this is like literally gone through it. I don’t really like putting the applicator on my skin, and I just did.

But this is what I use in the Shade 3. And I go in with VB Perfect Concealer. I’ve been loving this, like literally been obsessed with this. I used to shade M2. It’s a very lightweight formula. It’s very thin, but it just looks like skin. So I’ve really been liking this and I’ll link it here on my table DOC.

I used the Be Perfect Shape stick in the shade caramel. I just love this. I just take it with my brush. I’ve just been really liking cream products at the minute. I was saying in regards to anxiety and stuff, like if anyone’s going through it, like you’re not alone.

You feel like you’re alone in the moment, but you’re not. And that’s what’s kind of scary. You just kind of feel like you wanna isolate yourself from everything and just like not do anything. If I promise you it gets better, but please talk to someone if you have anxiety because I didn’t really understand anyone when they said they had anxiety. Like I just thought, oh, they’re a bit stressed, like whatever.

I didn’t wanna seem like insensitive to it. But now that I’ve been through it, trust me, I know, you know when you wanna drink coffee but you can’t because you’re so anxious. You wanna drink, have an energy drink, but you can’t cuz you’re so anxious. Like right now I am just having B cough. I cannot take caffeine actually will be like this.

Sometimes you know what it’s from. Sometimes you don’t. And that’s okay. But just think right now, everything’s like really overwhelming for me.

Evan in even been like available for my normal content, which I love doing. Like I love sitting down here and talking to everyone. And I just feel like I literally haven’t had the time or like the mental energy to do it, which is really sad, but is life. My little Charlotte Tilbury powder that I literally love, I really reach for this. Or the be perfect one, the loose one that they did with Katie Daily or Peach Pie.

Like those are my 3 go to, but this is what I have right now. But this I just take with a brush. I don’t even like take it with a powder puff anymore cuz I like my skin to peep through. But yeah, life has been laughing right now, you know.

And if anyone relates to me, like, please, this is a safe space. We cannot talk about it. Never really opened up on social media. Cuz I just thought like, I’ve always been that kind of person that like doesn’t like being judged, but at the same time, there’s like a million or a million, a billion people on this world. Majority experiences is the transparent lab, like lip filler thing is so good.

Take the Charlotte to repeat as I’m I really don’t like this applicator, but yes, I might just depot it to be fair cuz I can. This is what I take and I take it with the same brush I did. My ones are on. No, I didn’t do my brush on that. Whatever I did this on, I can’t remember, right?

I’m gonna be off and off and on until my exams finish. Cuz that is my main focus right now. If you’re in the same boat as mean, you experience anxiety and like you just really like overwhelmed at the minute. Please, you’re not alone. Like I promise you’ll get better.

Live stuff. Everyone always portrays, well, some people always portray their life on social media as like everything is fine, but like right now, I’m gonna be honest with you, it’s not. And that’s okay. No, that will get better.