Title: Guarding Against Spiritual Pride: A Call to Examine the Heart

Yo, I gotta keep it all the way, 100 on today, man, I’m in that mood to like really bring down some strongholds in the mind today because it’s irritating to my spirit because I know what it’s like to go through these type of things. There are so many people in the body of church. I say the body of church because you gotta show some fruit to show that you in the body at Christ. Let’s just keep it all the way 100. But I see a lot of people in the body, in church that’s so puffed up, so arrogant, so prideful, like truly making it all about them, but coming in Jesus name.

And the sad part is, see, I’m 39 years old right now, but I remember being a teenager, 14,15,16. I remember being that young, going to Pentecost churches and you got false prophets that come up to you and tell you things like you’re powerful. Oh, my goodness. And start speaking in tongues. And they start saying, oh, you’re so powerful, you don’t know who you are. You’re gonna do this, you’re gonna do that, you’re gonna do great exploits. And it’s crazy because some stuff may be true, but sometimes the messenger comes with a wrong message. Sometimes the messenger may put a stamp of, not faith, but a stamp of pride on that bad boy. So the hearing that’s hearing stuff like, you’re gonna be powerful, you’re gonna be this, you’re gonna be that, people don’t even realize some of these people that hear that stuff they they this is how they do. Oh yeah, I would be powerful. Oh, chests are getting big. They start growing higher in stature because what you’re doing is you’re giving birth to a person of pride. And all I see, and this was years ago, this happened to me, personal true story. But I see this happening a lot today and it’s ridiculous. And when people have, when people talk to me and have conversation, they could be so seasoned in the word, got a word and knowledge, got this and got that. But when you really hear the fruit of their conversation is truly all about them. I’m watching people with large platforms acting like their Superman and Superwoman. And if you really do a fruit check, when their life is really not about Christ, but they’re coming in Christ’s name.

I wanna tell you along today, man. So my maybe gave a prophetic word just like they gave me. You’re gonna be this, you’re gonna be that, you’re gonna be big, you’re gonna be this.

I challenge everybody on today to check the motives of your heart. Make sure that you examine yourself. Make sure that you test yourself to see that if you’re in the faith, because there’s so many people that’s coming in the name of the Lord, but it’s really all about them. I’ve watched it all the time. You got people that teach, people that look like they’re super happy in the Lord, but all they doing is getting happy because they’re selling books. They’re getting happy because they’re selling their music on the side.

You gotta be very careful not to fall into that, man. Make sure it’s really all about Jesus, because if it’s really all about Jesus, that’s when things is gonna be really beneficial for you and the people that you’re important to. Don’t be that person that so charismatic and you want to speak in everybody and you’re speaking nothing but pride. Be very careful because it’s not about us. It’s not about our gifting. I don’t care how gifted you are, how talented you are, at the end of the day, it’s all about Jesus Christ. That’s why when we get to heaven, we’re casting our crowns to him. It is not about us. I pray that this reach somebody on today. Please, y’all, I beg you, I beg your, check your spirit, man. Check your motives. Make sure you’re in the faith.

Therefore, knowing the terror of the Lord, I persuade man, I know what it’s like to get humbled. Y’all, please don’t be like me back in the day. Make it at all about me cuz I could tell them myself before I tell them anybody. But it’s crazy how you can go through some stuff in life. The Lord will allow certain things to happen to you only for you to see yourself and somebody else. And when I see myself and other people, I immediately grieve. I immediately be like, oh, Lord, help them. Cuz I don’t want them to have to go through what I went through. Lord, knock them off their high hordes now. Love, Yana. Lord, man, I’m getting carried away. Peace out.