A Tale of Deception and Drama: The Mysterious World of True Luna

Despite throughout my life, ping probably too much throughout random pockets of time for the app episode, I’ve been avoiding frivolous purchases. Like these weird little apps that have horrible acting and the most batch insane storylines ever.

I watched a lot of true Luna. It was popped up on my, on the ads constantly. It drew me in, but I did not spend dissent untrue Luna. The secret errors got me. The secret errors got me and I’m so mad about it because I just didn’t understand. Okay, so a pops up. I think the first one I saw was just the one about Cindy. She’s pretending to be the daughter of the head of the company because they have the same last name, I guess, and everyone just kind of like assumed out of nowhere, even though she apparently, I, it seems like she’s been working here for years, but all of a sudden they’re like, oh my god, she’s Wilson really, of course, is the real daughter of Mr Wilson. I don’t know why they, she’s a new intern. She’s like, I wanna make through the company on my own, I guess. I don’t know. But I assume her name is also like Wilson on everything. So I don’t know why they don’t make that Assumption about her, but they don’t. Instead, everyone immediately comes at her with like saying the absolute most insane things I’ve ever heard in my life. This guy acts like every male commentary like Youtuber to pretending to be a in a skit. He’s like, whatever, whatever intern, why don’t you go back to being poor somewhere? Show some respect to the boss’s daughter. Pathetic mongrel. So she just came to be an intern, I guess. But then that Cindy girl, she also knew Cindy. She knows all these people, but they don’t know who she is. Like she keeps saying she went to high school with people, but everyone who she went to high school with thinks that they, like, use the fact that her family was supposedly on food stamps as like a reason why she’s not. They’re like, you never went to college. It’s like, what are you even talking about? Where did people, not only is that obviously like, oh, well, like you shouldn’t do that. I don’t understand what any of that’s coming from because it’s all clearly not true and doesn’t seem to have ever been true. It doesn’t seem like a Rex to riches situation. This is like a huge company and has been for years. And she like went to Oxford, she comes to work at this company, her company, I guess, even though she’s already planning on taking over it.

Maybe it’s like an undercover boss thing. I don’t know. And Cindy is embezzling millions of dollars apparently. Verbal boss who suspensively was like in cahoots with Cindy but also doesn’t know who Cindy is and is everyone’s boss. But he’s already like kind of just Sydney’s lackey. So I don’t totally understand. This was, I don’t understand anything that makes sense, obviously. So her embezzling millions of dollars and she finds out that she’s the daughter, even though she’s not the daughter and is giving her like preferential treatment, even though she already got it. And Lily’s actual dad, like the actual chairman of the company puts out an anti bullying policy, which does not work at all because they go up to Lily and immediately are like, I can, everyone in this show does this. They’re like, I can tell that you’re nothing and you’re poor from your clothes, which like this. Okay, so this is what she was wearing. It’s like fine. Like she’s wearing like the same from here. It looks like the same outfit. I really, I don’t understand what’s happening or why all these people are like this. And yeah, apparently they also know each other in high school and she like thought they were friends. I guess she went up to hug her, but then the other girl was like, you’re the one who couldn’t get into college. And everyone was like, wow, you didn’t go to college. Did no one do a background check on these people? She’s an employee. You’re all the employees really finds out there embezzling money and is hiding the fact that she’s the real daughter. At first, I think because she wanted to like do it honestly. But now she’s like, oh my God, there’s a whole scheme, there’s an embezzlement scheme that I need to figure out for my dad. So she’s not telling everyone, but she also is always offended when people are saying the other girl is the daughter, which is fair cuz she’s just lying. But like she isn’t offering anything up right away. At the end, she kind of does and no one believes her. So I guess it doesn’t really matter. But it’s so bizarre hints and trying to like catch her in situations, but she won’t just be like, hey, you’re not his daughter, I’m his daughter and provide proof like getting the dad. So anyway, this is Lily’s boyfriend who again, they supposedly, they say they’ve been dating since high school. But he doesn’t know who she is and she’s never met his mom and she’s pregnant with twins. And she’s like, wow, I’m so nervous to meet your mom. Do you think she’ll like me? And he’s like, he ends up sucking. Obviously, he’s the worst, but I couldn’t really tell if they were like setting him up to be the worst at first because he’s just acting like everyone else. He’s just like a bubbling whose expressions make no sense. But like, so does literally everyone else in this thing. But eventually, like his mom comes in and she does the same thing where she just looks at Lily and is immediately like, wow, you’re after his money. I don’t trust you. You are of the earth. She was at the office. I don’t know what all these people want.

Anyway, it turns out that Cindy is also in love with Zach. So she comes in and convinces both Zach and Zack’s mom that she, again, is the daughter of Lily’s mom. But she also calls his mom Aunt May. So I, it seems like they know each other, even though this lie that she created started like the other day, I think, as far as we know. And also. What do you mean, Aunt May? What do you mean aunt? What do you mean she’s your aunt but you also don’t know anything about each other and also apparently want to marry her son. And you’ve been in love since high school.

I know that it’s probably just because these stories were like written by like AI or not translated correctly or both, but this just seems so bizarre. Even if it’s just Aunt May, it’s like, oh, well, this just cuz we grew up and we’re close. If you grew up and were that close, cuz she’s like a family friend or whatever, she would probably know that you’re lying. And that you just happen to have like one of the most common last names ever and you’re not the daughter of Chairman Wilson of Wilson Industries.

Anyway, after more various hijinks where she tries to like buy their affection despite the fact that she doesn’t have money, there’s like a part where she has spent $100,000 on a necklace for the mom. And so she like buyer borrows money from loan sharks and then they show up and try to kill all of them. The mom and the Zach blame the, blame Lily anyway, even though the long sharks come in and they’re like eats because she bought that jewelry and didn’t pay for it. And they’re like, Lily, what is this? And she’s like, don’t worry, I’m gonna take care of it. And she calls to say, tell Wilson Industries to buy the loan sharks. And they do. And they’re like, wow, thank you so much, Cindy. And it’s like, what the is happening here? So Zach eventually just dumps his pregnant girlfriend to be with Cindy and is like, I was in love with her this whole time, but I thought she was too good for me. But now she’s pregnant cuz they got together like last night and she’s pregnant already. And I don’t want your babies. And he like pushes her down, like out onto the road and she has a miscarriage. And Aunt May over here loves it. She loves it. And now after all that, she seems to be doing fine. Still, people keep coming up and saying the most batch insane things to her. She’s like dating some like disgraced tech dude now and like they go out and people are still being mean to her. It makes no sense. Like there’s all this drama with uncooked duck and someone accuses her of attempted murder. It’s so bizarre, you guys. But Cindy and the boss and Cindy’s brother, who I didn’t talk about, they all got like kicked out of the company, but they didn’t get arrested. And so she still convinced everyone that she’s the daughter. Now she’s the CEO, but still no one knows that she’s the daughter. Like Lily’s the CEO now and I wanna lunch more so bad, but I’ve always spent like 3 dollars on it and I cannot justify spending more than $30 on this thing.