Trying Out the Mango FS Greens: A Cha Cha Taste Test Review

Cha Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha, Cha.

I have jumped to the bandwagon of trying out. You probably see not on TikTok, like is the green s mixing thing ordered yesterday and I really wanted to try it today. Mango FS greens, we’re trying out today for my glass hair straw and my water got my spin. So I don’t know how much it says to put in. I’ll mix 1 heat teaspoon into 250 meal cold water and stir well and add a squeeze of fresh lemon to have lemon. Let’s open it up. Oh, smells quite nice, you know. Oh, you can smell the mango. That sounds good. That’s how it looks inside. Sounds nice. I’m excited to try it. There’s not that much in there, but it does say this. That exciting. So I guess if you do it right, it’s pretty heat price. That’s too much. Is that too much?

I don’t know if this is 250 mile, but what do you say? Oh, that looks this one. Agree. Appetize. So someone just said it’s better to use one of these instead of a spoon so that it mixes properly.

Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. They gonna. I don’t have a fly. Is it gonna. Oh my gosh, I felt like this. Can I reply? Let me calm down. I think I was too much water. Whoa, maybe this is okay. Now, the taste test for a green straw, because why not?

You’re a guessing this man. I mean, I believe the effects of it will be good. But you mean I got this is bear sweet. Like I wanna add honey to this. But anyway, I’ve got sweet teeth. This is not nice at all. I’m not gonna lie.

That’s so nice. It’s not nice, but I would drink it. The aim of it isn’t to be like really nice. I mean, all the ingredients don’t sound nice. The things I know on this thing is spinach, kale, broccoli, wheat grass, red beetroot. I don’t even like beetshoe, so I’m not surprised. I don’t like the taste of it. We’re gonna ignore that. It’s really not nice, guys. I’m not gonna lie to you.

Some people have been comparing this to the main, the original one. And I can’t imagine even drinking that because if this isn’t nice, that must be awful. Well, I think I can taste like the bits in here. Oh, gosh. I don’t like drinks with bits in. Who are you? People saying it’s so good. What’s that about? Can you not just be honest and say that it’s not all that nice, but it tastes better than the original. That’s the review that I want. Okay, you know, I’m making it out like it’s her best way is really nice. I would not look forward to drinking this in the morning. Drinkable, though. It’s just, I feel like you just have to not focus on it too much. Oh, bro, I can’t even taste the mango. Oh, jump.

Yeah, that was a nice. I’m being serial. That wasn’t nice. But we move. It smells proper good. Really sweet. The smell got me excited for the taste and I was very disappointed. I feel like I would probably prefer to add this, like maybe an actual mango smoothie or is a mango mortar this an address of honey. I think that’s probably why I prefer because this by itself, I had to force myself and it wasn’t very nice.

But we focus on the results, struggle quite a bit of bloating, I should almost for 100%. And apparently this is a really good way to like flush the system out, help you feel good internally.

So it’s the 4th of may. So maybe I’ll give that weekly updates and see like if I’ve seen any difference. But this is the first thing I’ve had. I think I wanna wait for like maybe an hour or two before I eat anything, any food. Just let it like work in my body and then we’ll go from there. , guys, have a good day.