Rolling Downhill: A Starbucks Adventure with Hayden and Broken Keys

Been quite quiet recently. See, going downhill. You don’t have to do anything but sit on it and roll. It’s quite cold. I’m not gonna lie. This goes, and I’m honestly not able to now I’m gonna have to cover that.

You have arrived at Starbucks. This one became £315 p and I can see a bag ready of a. Oh, hi, Hayden. I’m 2,2,6,8. Thank you. Say sorry. Yeah, thank you. Sorry, I can’t get the scan. It doesn’t. I don’t know if there’s a way you can like manually add it. I have no idea how you guys do it. That is so strange. Nice. I think if you click the, you know, the question Mark, I can’t scan this. All right. Okay, cool. Thank you. Take a picture. It says, thank you very much. Have every day.

Thank you, thank you. Goodbye. Let’s go to the customer. You know what? We’re gonna use a small bag so that it can’t move nowhere, not far at all. 0.8. Making the right decision of getting on the byte that way. Let’s go.

See, I’ve broken it again.

Put too many keys now. Sky is off. Fu circuit. He even had to go for what he said.

ive arrived huh okay who was open?

Boston? this going up。

dont feel good。

six floor。

hi, there are fancy hello there are fancy two one two one。