Controversial Conversations: Debating Religion, Race, and Society

What’s up, everybody? The Hebrews realize they got me. He got me a day young people, they, they, that is loud is the Hebrew is like I’ve seen in Philadelphia. Well, I’ve seen in New York. You’re in the south. This is south. So they’re a little rebellious, but they’re not as loud as the ones are in New York City. That let you know that you can only go over so far in America and we got to talking. And whatever you tell people that you don’t believe in God or religion or something, the first thing that actually is how do we get here? It don’t matter how we got here. We hear now, it don’t matter how we got here. We have no humans, have no black man, got no birth. Wreck it to say this is our beginning with difference. Door at me. You hear now you don’t own a control , but they only want to tell you what the Bible said. I tell them guys, there’s no law. Who could write a Bible, any could Bible. If I can write a Koran, big books, there’s no logics. Who can write some books? There’s no law against that. Then we say how we get here don’t matter how we guy, we hear. If we know, if you know how we got here, what’s gonna happen now after you figure out how we got here, what happens out today? It don’t matter how we got here. We here. It was how we get here. I said it don’t matter. And then these white guys will what it talks to me earlier about the Lloyd.

And I said, Mister, Listen, if the Bible could really help blind people, white people would have kept that for himself. He saw the laughing. Every time I saw the white person that they laugh. If religion can help black people, white people would have kept it for itself. But I make a joke about it in my book. I said the Bible could really help black people. It would be sold in a liquor store behind the plex of glass next to the scratch off.

Man. Why you think the Bible is free? And like I was telling the Hebrew Israel, like why you think it’s constantly updated and re editing? He said, that’s because that’s the way they want it. I said, if I gave you a clean glass of water and I put an eyedrop or anything in that glass of water, it’s not clean anymore. Holy is supposed to mean that the Bible is clean and pure. It’s not holy. It’s been tampered with. It’s like a dirty glass of water. And just, and you gotta understand, you had to, have to write something to keep people in control. You didn’t have cell phones and credit cards and Social Security numbers we could keep track of people. So you had to give them, you had to indoctrinate them and brainwash and make them think they be on watch at all time. Even when you’re in the bathroom jerking off, you being watched, you be a watch. Somebody is always watching you. And the thing about the Hebrew is like they don’t let you get a word inside. I just shut up and let them talk and let them go. And the thing about it, the thing that bugs me out is like it was a group of them and they boxes, some of them were boxes we got. So, they got so corporate. They’re talking about religion. We can even talk about boxing anymore. And that’s what religion does. You get so busy arguing about religion, you go the whole day talk about religion and accomplish Jack . Wasted a day talking about the most high. The whole day is wasted. You didn’t accomplish as a rela, as a religion, do to you, as you do to black people. And then you can see the cold looking some of these people’s eyes. Boy, tell about southern husband, southern hospitality. She, these white people look at me like, hey, I don’t know why people hate black people. And they don’t even know why. They don’t even know why. They don’t even hate this. I don’t even know why. They don’t even know why most white people that hate black people never had a personal encounter with a black person. Never. But they don’t know why they hate. Like, I don’t know.

But yeah, back in these Hebrews, I said that they want to talk to me about the most high. So what was the most, like I said, every 10 years, every four years, we should get a new Jesus and a new god. Because, look, every four years we get a new president. If you don’t like the president that he gets, he gets, he doesn’t get reelected. But God always gets really elected. And under gods watch, people have been Lynch, set on fire, houses burnt down, torture, kill, murdered, , all this thing happen on the God watching. He do nothing about it. We just keep like, we just keep electing the same. Oh, God, you just be praying. And that’s another thing that got tomorrow he wants to pray for me. I was like, no, I don’t pray for me. I only need you. Pray for me again. Pray for, like I said, man, give me, pray for me to get some money. Give me some money. Buy book. That’s you need to do five book. I don’t really hear that up issue. I saw my chickens all. I need good energy.