Title: Top 3 Apps for International Students in Canada to Make Money and Find Jobs

Hi. You’ve been in Canada for 5 months, six months, you don’t have any job. You’re an international student. This is for you. Sheds someone that needs this. If you come across this video, you know, I don’t bring information, the knowledge it I bring you could just help you. So today I’ll actually tell you about three apps that you can make probably up to 800,$500 a week with your phone. You’ll be able to get those jobs, spare time jobs as a student because probably you’d head off a plan on indeed with no responses here.

One of the apps is nanny Service. Nanny services dot C. So this hub is visit for nanis, babysitas, housekeepers, cleaners, careful seniors, and pet care give us all across Canada. All you need to do is download this app. Remember what I said, nanny services dot C. Got your app store and download it. Good your play store if you’re using a and Android, right? All you need to do is download it, create profile, you can search for 100,200 jobs, listing your area or even far away from you. If you want to relocate. You able to contact the employer directly and are able to actually connect you to the employer or to the people that needs your services directly. Don’t sleep on it. It’s not just about, indeed, if you’ve been looking for a job for three months in Canada, you know how frustrating that shade is. So you should actually not sleep on this. And if you know someone that I’ve been here for so long and haven’t seen any job, you should share this to them.

Then the other one is the caregiver goal. The app is basically for caregivers that allows you to specify the kind of jobs you’re looking for. Much of the people in your area in need of caregiving services, some people don’t want that, to send our parents out. They want to actually, they don’t want to use an agency. They actually want to hire someone directly, like some families. So if you create a profile and actually tell them you a caregiver and everything and do much hope directly with the families of this of the residents or anything and you get your job on the pain and be paid and make your money. Cool money, I’m telling you. So don’t sleep on it. So downloaded. I’ve actually put up the name and the apps on the screen to get potato. Don’t worry. Soda, you’ll be able. So the third one is Rova Monroe is more like pet care. So if you don’t, if you like dogs, then you can walk them. The families pay. You can actually pick tick, like two different dogs on a walk, get paid. Could be two hours, could be one hour, you understand? Rather than just saying here, 3 months, 4 months, and apply for jobs on. Indeed. Are you not getting anything? Our advice, you actually download this app, you can actually much up with the people that needed services from the comfort of your home. So what are you waiting for? Shed this video to someone, Danny said, or if this is useful, like and share comment, I’ll look for more apps that you could use people and making money. I know someone, so don’t be asking me, help me, give me a job. No, I’m not. An agent said on Game Jobs. This is the only, if I see any valid means that you can actually get a job or do something. We say you don’t have a business, so you need to actually get Gabby, you help you to pay. So you need something to keep you going, right? So this is one of the things to be doing. So don’t sleep on it, okay?