Dancing Against All Odds: Abigail’s Inspiring Journey on Britain’s Got Talent

Wow, what an amazing entrance. Who if we got here. I’m Prinita and I’m here with Abby girl, amazing. And Affinita, who have you brought with you today? I’m here with Abigail’s mom and my auntie and her daughter.

Hey. Oh, what have you come to do for us today? Okay, so we are here to dance. Every girl over here is one amazing dancer from Ghana. She was actually born deaf. She got a hearing aid recently. So yeah, actually health has a hair bits, but only in her left here. Amazing.

Yes, the first time I was so hell, I felt so strong, I decided to mentle. Hey, oh, my goodness. I feel I’ve always been dancing. Even when she was a little girl. Oh, just move those, that thing. I saw a video of hair. I got goosebumps all over my body. And we came at Down’s door after that. But I feel better when I’m dancing. It makes me happy. I make her happy. It’s just beautiful. It’s just beautiful.

Abigail doesn’t understand sign language. We communicate through body movements and gestures. She hears loud sound with vibrations either from her feet or in her chest. Of your loves toward Britain’s Got Talent. She has a tablet and if you go on it, you see, hey, YouTube history. Britain’s got talents. There’s always been Abigail’s dream to be on BGT. So I just knew that had to help him.

This ability is not inability. Once you have a talent, you have a gift. The plan is to mix Simon smile. We are bringing the Canyon energy here today. We are about to shut down the whole editorial. Amazing. Well, listen, I cannot wait to see this. Good luck. It is.


Oh, my goodness. Me mode. Absolutely. Insanely good. So joyous. So pans down. You are two of the most fantastic dancers we have ever had on written. Scott, sound amazing whenever you arena. Oh, my god. You two are dancing queen.

Your choreography is, I tell you, is class. You’re a not just great dancers, you’re a great.

Choreographer as well.

Both of you are just a, that is just control, God given talent that you’re good with. I loved it.

Who, what you’ve done being a mentor is just the most wonderful story. It really is. When this goes out, I really believe your lives are gonna change for the better. This is one of my favorite auditions of the year.

Let’s vote, Bruno. Oh, yes, I’m saying, yeah. Four yeses. See, hold on. Wow. woo。