Checking Your DV-2025 Entry Status: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hello, guys. This is champ. Welcome. Are you one of those that apply for the devalued 3,2025 entry into the United States of America? What are you waiting for? The results are out. Let’s go. Ya gas gue oke nah ayam going to show you how joko status if you apply for di filthy, you can now situs your confirmation mbak you off and your family name soal unit ex now we the post link in my id. Q direct di website oke minum wine i am going to. Provide editorial a good source yurizal online dari website oke.

So follow me, I will show you how to check for your status using your confirmation, your last name, and your ear above. And then you can just check your status like that. Follow me. It’s very simple. Good luck on all those are accepted and then call the mess.

Okay, guys, welcome. For those of you who contacted us for to show you guys how to check for your status for the DV dot 3 status 2025. Place this in the way to check it. Okay, so now we’re right in the website. Okay, so all you need to do is this is the confirmation. Okay, so this is the confirmation. This is the your where you enter your confirmation number. This is your last name. This is your ear of God. And this is the authentication code.

Okay, so now, first of all, you need to come, when you apply for it, they give you authentication as confirmation number. So that’s what you have to enter here. Okay, so now you have to enter your confirmation number. Okay, the confirmation number starts with 2025. Okay, 2025. Okay, 2025. 9,6,9,6. And you thanks. See exactly pitch indeed. Okay, so that’s the confirmation number. You come here, you enter the name. Okay, the name is jump iam. So I mean, it should be t. I am John in French.

Okay, you come here and enter the ear of Bird Government 8. Okay, so you come here, you enter the a code, rough education code a see, okay, w, W5. Okay, so you check where everything is correct.

Okay, and now you come here and click submit and wait for it to note. Okay, oh, you see? So you have not been selected. He has not been selected. So this is how to check whether you’re being selected or you’re not being selected. Okay, so you can see you’re not being selected. So now let me show you how to. Okay, guys, if you don’t see your confirmation, for example, if you don’t see your confirmation, if you don’t know your confirmation or you forget your confirmation, now all you need to do is come here. Okay, you click Forgot Confirmation. If you click Forgot Confirmation, now we enter the that you apply for the 2025, you enter here.

Now, here, if you come, you have to enter here your family name. For example, you enter here like family need job. Okay, you come here and enter your first name. Okay, please minimum it if you have minimum it when you’re feeling it. Remember what you put when you’re feeling it. If you put middle name, you could even put middle name, you tick here. No middle name, you enter your data bar. Okay, enter your data bar and. Ayu dan guna posisi u enter your email address melalui email news juri provide email news oke next innovation oke new entry option di www. Tapi. IM oke dari pihak donald klik shop e commerce website. To generate your confirmation easy. The confirmation is here. It has given you your confirmation. So now you can now come here, direct click this authentication, and then you can now submit and then see your result. So thank you and unlock on all your applications. Bye bye.