Auntie’s Wake-Up Call: TikTok Drama, Government Crackdowns, and Standing Firm in Faith

Well, going to prison in 2024 was certainly not on your auntie’s bucket list. No bingo card, definitely not on my bucket list. Bungee jump, win the lottery, go to prison, check. No 2024 bingo card. I just woke up.

But it sure looks like the odds of this happening just whoop, through the roof. Oh, but first things first. TikTok. Was I thinking I just woke up? This is purely for entertainment purposes only. All things stayed here. Just speculation. We’re goofing around.

We’re having a little bit fun. We are new slipper boo goofing cuz I’m in my slipper skill.

Somebody get the bail money ready cuz I am certain that by year’s end I will be behind bars. What you planning on doing, Auntie? Oh, I’ll tell you. But that, my friends will only make you an accessory. So look away. No, really.

Listen, Congress trying to take away, well, and the Senate and the Biden trying to take away our TikTok mad face. Congress already passed the Bill. Check. Send it. Well, the house kid now send it, whichever has been kind of confused. Anyways, and then right when it gets to Biden desk, he said, yes, I will be banning it and signing that Bill.

So we know, we know, we know, we also know why they’re trying to take it away. And now, I don’t know how valid this is. I literally just woke up, but I just saw that somebody said that Congress just passed a Bill that Biden is trying to Bam. Side hustles like Grub Hub or what’s up? Sorry, I live in Elk, Nevada.

We don’t really use this too much. What is a Doordash? Oh no, I’m gonna lie there. Yeah, we use Doordash a lot with my groceries. Cuz, you know, my neck, I can’t live stuff and Uncle Mike is gone.

Anyways, a lot of Americans make their wages their livings because they need two jobs in this country economy. One job just ain’t cutting it for most people. And so they do have to have side hustles like Doordash or grab hub. But I again, I need to look into this. So just take me for, I just woke up and just saw this, but it does sound like maybe I should look into that before you start that rumor just going off with somebody’s Tiki talk. Nah, cuz it honestly sounds like something this administration would do.

But if I’m wrong, hey, I’m wrong, I’m still half asleep. Blame it on the tiktoker. I just saw his video. No, he was mad. So I’m pretty sure it was real.

Anyways, I could probably just Google that right now and carry on. But hold on, I’ll be. It is true, but a couple of different things about it are true. There is actually a Bill that Congress saw, the hearing was on April 16th.

Now, that is to crack down on platforms like Doordash or Uber Eats and all of that good stuff about their fees for restaurants, etc. But then I stumbled upon this. Now that looks pretty recent now, doesn’t it? April 5th or 25th. Yeah, that’s not the fifth. Republican senators probe Uber Eats, Doordash and Grubhub after post reports on migrant workers.

It gets DPO, it gets deep claiming that these platforms are allowing these illegal immigrants to come work, not only taking American’s jobs but also gaining access to the user’s personal and private information. Oh, that’s not cool. These illegal immigrants are delivering food directly to consumer stores without ever having to undergone a background check or often without even using their real names. Think about that, guys. Your food is being delivered by illegal immigrants, some of which are, I need to remind you, military age men who are hostile, do not like Americans.

Is that feeling safe to you? Do you want to eat food that is delivered by people like that? There’s a whole another level of scary about this. I’m here to tell you right here and right now. You take away my ticky talk.

I’m gonna be angry, I’m gonna be hurt, I’m gonna be sad, I’m gonna be so sad because, you know, honestly and genuinely, I’m not here for anything else other than you guys hoof. I don’t make much money on this app. No, I haven’t quit my day job. I am Ra reel and me exposed down to the core, down to the bone, the metal riddle bone, because I truly do love each and every single one of you.

And if this goes away, let’s be honest, no other app can deliver or do what TikTok has. That, my friends, is a shame. I don’t know. There’s all these rumors of other people buying TikTok or TikTok starting another platform. We don’t know. We will see. But it’s the fact that our government is trying to take this app away from us.

Now, like I said, you take away my TikTok government, I’m gonna be angry, I’m gonna be upset, and I’m gonna keep that in the back of my mind. Next turn when voting comes around. My problem is my congressman Nick. He could care less because he’s not going for another term. But this is gonna land my ass in jail.

Sorry. Our government has gone too far. Am I shocked? No. Why am I not shocked? Because it is written this will happen in that Bible, the very same Bible our government is trying to make illegal.

In all of my years that I think, mom, no, I didn’t. Oh, yeah, I did. That’s a lie. Just recently, when we realize that we are the chosen generation that will witness Jesus coming. Yeah, I should have seen this coming because again, it is written in the Bible this would occur.

But now our government is trying to make the New Testament, by far, hands down my favorite part of the Bible. No joke, no lie. It’s where I read the most. It’s got my favorite character in it, yo Yeshua. They’re trying to make that illegal in an oh, so subtle, very subtle way with their anti semitism ban law, whatever.

Now, you know, Auntie, my thing is this hating anyone specifically a whole collective, that’s disgusting, mad face. That is racism and it is not okay. You cannot hold one person accountable for what other people in their ethnic grouping have done. And I personally have some very important people in my life who are Jewish.

There should never be any hate geared at anybody because of their ethnicity. I can’t say that word. Never could. Can’t say ambulance either. So the color of their skin, their religious background, you should never hate somebody for something that they really and ultimately didn’t do as a collective, for something their people have done.

That just makes my skin crawl to think of. But ultimately, I’m gonna say this right now, it is true. The Jews crucified Jesus punches pilot. Well, you know, I hope you know the story. Spoiler alert, I’m not gonna tell it to you. You gotta read it for yourself. See, I’m gonna go to jail.

I’m just gonna end up there. And you can find that story in the New Testament. Anyways, that is one of the most pivotal. No, it is the most vital story that we as Christians depend on, believe in and share, because, my friends, that is a story of our salvation. That is a story of our father loving us so much that he would send us his only begotten son to die as a sacrifice on Calvary, on that cross, to atone for our sins.

Not just my sense or yours, but I’m talking the sins of this entire world and our salvation. Yeah, Anya, the juice from that day are the reason he was sacrificed. And that, my friends, is a vital story I will never personally stop sharing myself. A Congress, well, our entire government really hates when we share this story because it reminds them and the rest of the world, in the end, which team will win? Spoiler alert, it’s us.

It’s the good team. But unfortunately, historically, those, the elites, the politicians, the higher UPS, those in power have never really played for our side at all. Now, have they? Oh, no, we know what team they are on. Let’s just say their team colors are red and ours are white.

It is becoming very apparent that being, a, Christian, well, very soon, b, a crime, punishable clearly. And so far now, if you speak about the New Testament or anything, okay, it will be a crime punishable by fines and jail time. I’m just here to tell you, throw a bunch of Christians in jail, guess what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna have a lot of reformed prisoners in there. I don’t think it’s gonna go the way that you planned.

Those prisoners, you know, the murderers and all the bad guys, they’re the ones you really count on in the end, don’t you, to play on your team? Oh, oh, we might recruit them. That didn’t go as well as you had thought. Now, did you? Did it? I’m so mad. Anyways, yeah, so 2,024, gonna have to add it to my bingo card.

If speaking about my Yeshua, my beautiful Lord and savior, and the fact that he was crucified and who did it, and that because he was crucified, we are forgiven and promised eternal salvation. If that is going to land my butt in jail, well, leave me there because all I’ll do is spread the word in there, too. What are you gonna do? Give me a life sentence? Do it.

Because hands down, I will take a life sentence in prison any day over an eternity sentence and hell. And if I had a mic right now. Yeah, I’d be right about now that I drop it.