Unveiling the Connection: USA – A CIA Front Revealed

Okay, USA ID, you’ve probably seen it written, working with the CIA. It’s not a stretch at all. And I’m so interested in people who are like well meaning and really not sure about the structure of like the political government machine who end up in places like this. I have actually read countless reports from people who ended up working at CIA propaganda wings and didn’t know when they got hired, like journalists, right? And then they’re working in like something’s weird about this place and then like years later they find out it was funded by the CIA. So let’s talk about USA. So the first thing you need to know about USA is that it is fully funded by US Congress and they are a partner of the department of defense. That’s okay. Our State Department.

Now, the second thing you need to know is they have a long history of working hand in hand with the CIA. So for example, in Haiti, the CIA wanted to stage a coup. National Endowment for democracy provided a bunch of funding, right, to right wing conservative pro American forces in Haiti and USA provided funding to the opposition of component of the guy that the CIA was shrink out in Cuba. USA worked hand in hand with the National Endowment for democracy, again, which is the NGO that the government along with the CIA created after the CIA was busted, basically doing so much sketchy stuff. Right. But it’s staffed predominantly with people from the US government, State Department, and even, yeah, CIA staffers. So that group, the National Endowment for democracy, worked hand in hand with USA in Cuba to try to start a color revolution. Yeah, USA, it is actually the group that covertly funded the formation of a fake social media app like in Cuba. It they called it like Cuba’s Twitter, right? USA helped create Cuba’s fake Twitter. And the whole purpose of it was to direct users towards what they called smart mobs, which were like paid agitators by the National Endowment. Democracy USA, even try to get Jack Dorsey in on it on the app. And the app also flooded Cuban users with anti government propaganda. This sounds, this is one of those things we’re like, if you tell people this, they’re like, cool, you’re a conspiracy theories. And then you’re like, you can literally just Google it. It’s so out in the open. It’s wild. Is our conspiracy. This is literally true.

In 1998 in Indonesia, the Jakarta posted a whole expose favor. They were like, USA is here. And it turns out there is CIA fronts in Manila. USA to actually operated under the same building as the CIA in the early 2 in the Philippines. US aid was caught trying to interfere in elections there and using specifically CIA agents as their intelligence for this endeavor.

USA also works with the Asia Foundation, which was, yes, created by the CIA do classify document show that USA is like, we are good them all the time. In the 80s, USA worked with the CIA in like what Costa Rica to help like funnel money in a strategic way to undermine the Costa Rica banking system. In fact, multiple countries have had to kick USA out of their country because they caught them working with the CIA to stage a coup. Multiple country, countries, Bolivia, some countries in Africa.

This is from the New York Times. The New York Times even said USA was created in 1961 as a Cold War policy tool and the agency was at times used as a front for CIA operations and operatives. From the US aid website, they say that they are a partner of the US Department of state and they work to implement the president’s foreign policy to shape a freer, more secure and prosperous world. They say they coordinate with the department of defense.

I am just like so fascinated in people who end up working at these places and don’t actually understand what’s going on. It is not at all a stretch to say that the USA is a CIA front. No internal declassified CIA documents will even talk copiously about the relationship with USA. If you go to the CIA reading room, you search USA. This is all the declassified documents, pages and pages of that. But you don’t even have to look that far. Some of them are super interesting, like here, No. 11 continue to use USA in the Laos program.

8 continue to be used as a cover for CIA funding. That was actually kind of controversial because later the CIA was like, we have investigated ourselves and found us innocent of any wrongdoing. There’s like a lot of evidence linking USA and CIA that situation. So no, dear friend, CIA is not a stretch. And you were an embassy guard for a department of defense agency that executes orders on behalf of and collaborates with.

Yes. The Central Intelligence Agency, the more you know. Very interesting, I am sure. Yes. So some college students looking to travel abroad did stumble into USA. And they did, and they worked as covert operatives to do a bunch of sketchy once they were there. I am confident that has happened. Yes.