Embracing the Future: Insights from the Web AI Summit on Generative AI and Business Transformation

Hi, my name is Johan Stein. I’m here today at the campus in brianstone with the it Web AI Summit. It’s going to be such an exciting day. Some really amazing speakers, practitioners in the field, some very interesting delegates. I think we are all together grappling with this AI thing, especially generative AI from a business and a societal point of view. So I think there’ll be some great connections made today. It’s gonna be a great day for networking and for learning. So I’m really very excited about it.

An event like this showcases not just where AI has been and where it currency is, but also where it’s going. So it helps us to understand and gives everyone a sense of where they could fit into AI, but also where AI can fit into their operations, their organization or their lives. We are already seeing numerous examples where AI driven or automation is increasing productivity, is increasing competitiveness. We’ve just done a research project that shows that the single biggest benefit of AI to the enterprise is improved productivity, funded by competitiveness.

Generative AI is one of the most transformational technologies of our generation, tackling some of humanity’s most challenging problems, augmenting human performance and maximizing productivity. At Amazon, we’ve been investing in the development and deployment of machine learning, artificial intelligence technologies for more than 25 years. We’ve been working with customers of all different sizes across industries to help them innovate and adapt to changing business conditions and create business value. How to get started in progress with your cloud journey, so that you can unlock more of the power of your data. And that’s very important because data is the live flood of all our generative AI, machine learning based applications and being able to have high quality data. It’s really the differentiator that most businesses are going to have, especially when the actual large language models become so democratized that you can go literally pick one off the shelf and a fire to your business.

For the first time in history. Technology success does not rely on technology. So businesses actually owe it to themselves to also upscale themselves in what AI can do and not rely on it. So I think the balance of speakers here actually speaks to the possibility of having the balance and bringing in more people in the organization. And the journey, it’s not implemented the technology for the sake of implementing it. So depending on the industry that you’re in, you want to always make sure whatever technology or agenda you have, we leave the granite in a better position, we leave the organization in a better position. So to what extent can you then leverage technologies like AI to enable? So I think what become is so important for me is actually appreciating it. AI is an enabler of success. And if done right, it can do that.

I think the reason you obviously need visionaries in this space is because this technology is so new and the capabilities that have come about with this new generative AI, a revolution is something that we haven’t experienced from a technological evolutionary point yet. It’s actually a little tricky to kind of predict what is coming next only because the evolution is happening and so fast. It’s still very much a statistical model that is reading a lot of the data that sits in the background. But where we think this is going is there’s going to be a lot of more reasoning capabilities that are going to be embedded in these large language models. That means you’re gonna get more thinking AI.

What we’ve seen from a lot of our customers, and specifically from a Google Cloud perspective, is that a lot of people are struggling with how they implement this AI in the industry that they’re in. They understand the technology from a high level. They obviously have been hearing about how this is gonna revolutionize everything.

This event is here to kind of showcase that practical nature of AI itself. How do we bring it into the industry that we’re into, the role that we’re playing to future proof us, that we’re also mindful and have built a robust enough platform that we can change according to the regulation that might start to develop.

I think for some people it’s gonna be a wake up cuz it is here, it is happening and every one of us is gonna be influenced by this AI technique knowledge from factories through to soft driving vehicles through to our daily life. Whenever you go online, you’re looking for something automatically things are linking up as virtue. We partnering with the Oems and chip manufacturers to develop solutions that we like to set, keeps the business humming. I think probably the best outcome of this event will be people will be less scared of AI, they’ll have a better understanding of where it’s going. This event, I think, will just enable people with a more informed mind how to embrace it.