Rabbit R1: A Fun and Affordable Virtual Assistant for Everyday Tasks

Welcome everybody. My name is Ivan. Let’s talk about the Rabbit R1, our brand new virtual assistant. Are ready? Is it there? Can we actually move on with our lives and have something that can save us time in our daily tasks?

Is this the device? It looks cool. It’s new. Is this it? Let’s talk about it. I’m excited about it, you guys. I’m actually excited about it. Alright, let’s compare it to the AI Pen because the AI Pen just released and it was a disaster of unveiling. It was an absolute disaster. It was $800,24 bucks a month. Couldn’t do any of the things that they, that the company promised they were going to do. And it was the slowest thing on the planet, but it also just takes ages. And this is not a one off. Everything on the pin seems to take time. Call Aaron, is it? Oh, there you go. Okay. Now the Rabbit R1 comes at $200, right? $200. No subscription. Here you go. It’s plastic key. It’s orange. It’s fun. And it’s just like, hey, this is just a little assistant for you.

They saw how the AI Pen was received. They were way over promising everything and under delivered on almost everything. Right. The most disastrous thing you can possibly do to a consumer. Not great.

These guys are going at it the opposite way. They are under promising and trying to deliver some. So if it breaks, I’m gonna try one more time. If it breaks multiple times, you’re gonna fix it. Okay, right. They’re hoping they’re gonna deliver a lot. But even if they deliver some, they’re not really promising a lot. So people can really be mad. And the price tag, you can’t really be mad at the price tag either. I’m sorry, but price tags on things matter. Seven hundred dollars is a lot of money. So you get judged on that. These guys are getting judged on a 200 dollar price tag. It matters. I’m sorry, but I love that orange. I want that thing just because it’s like orange is my color. You guys, you don’t understand. Like I saw the this color of this gadget. I’m like, I want it based on the color alone. I don’t even care if it does three things right now. The way it says, I like this thing 1,000 times better than the AI Pen. It is what it is. It’s fun, right? It’s just a super fun little gadget.

Actually, the biggest competition for these AI assistance is still our phone. Is it easier for you for this AI assistant to do the task that I’m asking to do versus me asking on the phone. That’s what it comes down to. Can I do it and is it easier? And what is the friction to get there, right? These new devices coming out, they’re versions, version ones, and we should expect them to be missing, you know, many features that a complete AI device would eventually have. But right now we’re not there. They might be missing a target audience. You know, honesty, if you think about it now, this thing is plastic, bright orange, cool, easy to use, right? Button. Get the button, get the scroll wheel, get the flip camera, the little screen. This thing would be perfect for kids. This thing would be perfect for kids you, that you don’t want to have a phone yet, but you kind of want them to like learn some stuff. They can literally point this at anything, but like, hey, what is this all? Oh, this is a microphone pointed at that. Oh, this is a, that’s a laptop. Make a kid version. Put a couple games on it, put a little virtual pet in there. And you have a winner. Honestly, you have a winner. You don’t need them that much in order to win people over with a 200 dollar price tag and a quirky look. So this is like this. So this is the way I think these devices actually break into the market. They don’t need to be an everything AI device. They need to be a, let’s say, a few awesome tasks AI device, right? Because it puts the focus on what is what this thing is awesome app if it focuses on just doing a few things really well, that’s sort of like, you know, a system like that the phones are not that great at. This is how you win over by doing a few things really well. Come on, bring it. Let’s see what you guys have. You’ve heard it before. Buy the product based on what it is today and not what it’s promised to be in the future.