Crazy Food Combos: Trying out TikTokers’ Lunch Orders

Eating what? Famous tiktokers. Order me on Doordash. This is a series where one of your favorite content creators on this app is gonna order me lunch. I eat it and I give it a grade. You guys are doing so awesome. Keep commenting and tagging everybody you wanna see in the series. We’re pushing close to 40 creators that I have lined up to do this. So let’s see who we have today. What’s up.

Joseph? It’s Karissa Eats here. I ordered you lunch today and I might have gotten a little crazy, but it’s for science. Okay, so I’ve always wanted to try a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, but with a donut instead of the bun. First up, I ordered you medium spice tenders cuz you said you’re not the biggest spice fan from this local spot that you said you’ve been wanting to try. I also got you a milkshake in case it’s too spicy. And then I ordered you donuts from this place that you said has these famous square donuts. And they looked so good that I wanted all the teachers in your department to have some too. So I ordered like so many donuts. So you’re either gonna cut a donut in half and put the chicken in the middle, or you can take a whole donut chicken on top and then another donut on top of that. So it’s like a massive chicken sandwich. But yeah, enjoy, have a great day. I hope the teachers like the donuts and I love this series, so keep it up.

So we got Houston Hot Chicken. Chris has been so awesome to work with doing this video. Very excited to have her on. We did have a bit of confusion getting the food and the orders, but we got it all worked out. I might have missed out on grabbing ranch. She wanted me to get maple syrup Coopers in here. He’s playing basketball over there. Luckily, I throw waffle parties every once in all, so I got some syrup to add to this. I’m supposed to give these out to all the other teachers. She wanted to do some for my students. I said, can we do something for the teachers? The teachers deserve it, too, you know? So we’re gonna grab two of the famous square donuts we’re supposed to add the chicken onto that. Who as spicy. Gonna add some of the sauce. I love you too, buddy.

She said, get creative with it. We’re gonna add some syrup, gonna add the other top. Actually, I love adding French fries to stuff like this. Add some French fries as well. Here it is, our Houston hot chicken donut fry sandwich. Let’s give it a try. That is so good.

Yeah, I’m really happy that I had maple syrup in my classroom. That really goes well with that heat. Also really good with the donut. I’m a mess. This is so good on a donut. What kind of donut do you want here? Come pick out a donut. Onion. You want that? Mmm. Donut. Good choice, buddy. Mmm, donuts. All yours.

Can you say thank you, charisa? Thank you, TikTok. I love a crinkle cut fry. These are good. The Monde, a strawberry hibiscus. This is one that got messed up on the order. My hands are disgusting right now. Everything sticking to me. Let’s try this. That is amazing. Ice cream with like, I don’t know, some sort the a strawberry hibiscus flavoring. This pairs perfectly with this lot of sweet and heat, which I’m a big fan of. All I know is it’s amazing. Just look at that bite right there. Want me to open your chips? There you go, Bob. First of all, these fries are awesome. Lot of seasoning. I’m not crazy about an insane amount of seasoning on this, but we’re given these a B+. This shake is one of, probably one of the better shakes I’ve had, and it pairs perfectly with the sandwich. We’re gonna give this an a minus. This monstrosity. Awesome. Could I eat three of these? Maybe. Should I? Probably not. This is so good for the sandwich. I think we’re gonna give an a minus. Our overall grade would probably be an a minus because she got all these donuts to treat the amazing teachers we have at my school.

We’re gonna give Clarissa and a. I’m totally for accepting bribes. She was also very kind enough to pay for this as well. So thank you so much, Clarissa. I truly appreciate it. Great job. Look how gross my hands are. I need a wash. Keep commenting, tagging who you want to see in the series. Make sure you follow to see who orders me food next.