Selling Your USDT Safely on Bybit P2P: A Step-by-Step Guide

So these are some simple steps you need to look out for. Why making your buy bit sop? It’s either you’re selling or probably your buying. But in this tutorial, I’m covering only the aspects way you want to sell your USDT on 5 bits. So let’s get it.

Alright, first of all, the first thing you need to do is to sign up to buy bits. Okay, all you simply need to do is use the link in the description or in my bio to sign up for buy bits. Okay, you can use my buy bit partner link and you get that. Don’t. Okay, this just right on my bio.

Now the second thing you need to do is when you s get to sign up, you come up here are this top bar here, right there. Okay, you click on it and then you get to perform your KYC. Okay, you still click on this. It will take you to platform where you get to, you know, run your KYC is going to be here, right here. Okay, you start with density qualification, you click on that and it should take you here where you get to perform your KYC. And once you’re done with your KYC, it should be verified. All you simply need to do is use your BVN for that is very fast. It will take up to two minutes and you will be verified. Okay, so let’s move on to the next, which is on how you can sell your USDT on the by bit P2P. Okay, so what you simply need to do is click on this icon, this more icon, right? So once you do click on the more icon, you scroll down to way it says P2P trading. Alright, so you click on that and it should take you to this platform right here.

Now we have buy and we have sale. Okay, so since we are selling all we need to do is click on sale. Alright, now when you do click on sell, this an icon, they access amounts, click on the amounts. Okay, so let’s say we’re doing, let’s say we are doing 12,000 error. Okay, you just have to put the amount. Yeah, you click on confirm.

Okay, and then you have to always make sure that you look for people that have over 2,000 orders, people that have done over 2,000 trades. Alright, look at them here. The reason why you need to put it, the amount 12,000 is so that you get to buy from people who selling Bridenda range. Okay, if you screw down, you see that all of them are selling within that range. Alright, so now you look out for people who have done orders, Marsh order, okay, like this bmwells, he’s just done only 498. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trade with him or I’m neither my saying is a scam, but always try to be on the safe side, okay? By looking for traders that have acquired more trades over time. This would help you because you’re more experienced in needs. Okay, for people who have come this far, trading up to 2 thousand, 2000 and above, they really come a long way. So you need to stick with that. You need to stick with them. Okay, so what we simply need to do right now is to buy, to sell radar. Sorry. Okay, but before that, we need to put in our bank payment system because I’ll be using op for this. So I have to look for op. Alright, so that everything is gonna be organized. So I’ll look for op and I’ll click on confirm. Whenever you want to trade using you access for your bank system or your banking account details, you can just fill that on. Whenever I get this, you want to trade on P2P, you can just fill it open. That is it. So we have a met who has over 2003 and he’s selling for 1 thousand three per dollar. So we just have to click on that and he’s also using Pampi and the rest of them with also open P. Alright, so here we’re using Legacy Union 12 dollar. Okay, we should give us 15 k, which is within his range. Alright, and I’ve selected my payment, which is obvious. I just have to click on sale. Okay, this price has changed. You click on confirm. It’s for load. That’s good. And then you go in again and you see imputes the same amount. Okay, and you click on sell, it should take you to the page where you get some. Yeah, okay, the celebs page.

Now, the first thing you need to do when you’re here is calm down here where it says contact buyer and puts in your phone number. Alright, so that they don’t they get to contact you invite is if they don’t with the pimets. All right, so you just put in your account details, your, sorry, your phone number, and you send it over to him. Okay, that’s it. And then you get to just sit back and wait for confirmation.

All right, so the payment has been made according to him, because he said that I should release the funds now, okay, which is the USDT, 12 USD. But for this to happen, I need to go and make sure that he has sent this 15,700 and hits in era. Okay, so have to go to my. Okay, I just have to put in my details, my login details. And here I’m seeing 16,000 each. I had 1,000 here. That means he has completed the order, but just have to go to the history to see, okay, this is it successful from Ahmed and does the amounts, okay, which means you made the payment. So we just have to go back and release now. Okay, you click on, I have checked my account balance and I have confirmed that Ameda made payments. And you click on release now. Okay, you click on knowledge and they need to ask me for my Google Authenticator, which I’m going to put now. So just hold on. So I just imputed it and I’ll click on confirm and voila, that is it. This is how you get to do your or sell your USD. Okay, everything is done. You’ve gotten your money, your phones, you’ve released the phones to the merchants. That is it. Okay, so that’s how you get to do it. Remember to use the link in my bio to sign up. Use my buy bit partner link to sign off for buy bits and get registered. Perform your KYC and you’re good to go. You’re welcome. And that’s the phone guys in the past like that.

So like I said in the video, please always look out for verified merchants because no way always come no day if we self finish it, then go probably send you money. We know rich or sometimes they go send you money we reach or still go report your accounts in a fraudulent at most of these machines are very dubious. So you need to be wise why making transactions with these people. Always look out for transactions above 2000 whenever you’re dealing with any merchants ver without verified or not verified, okay? Always look at that delivery rates and make sure you go with the ones that have a good track record. And that’s it from me guys. Please, if this video have been of any help to you, please do not forget to like and follow and I will see you on the next one.