May 2024 Horoscope Highlights for Fire and Air Signs: Abundance, Transformation, and Inspiration

Fire and air signs. These are your horoscopes for May 2024. And it’s looking like it’s gonna be an amazing month. And if you want your horoscopes for the full year, that’s available in my app, astrobella. So check that out. And let’s get into it areas you have been through so much, but you’re finally starting to feel like yourself again. You have transformed and your energy is coming back to you and you’re ready to finally move forward. And this month is gonna be all about the MU Law for you. You’re gonna be very fortunate when it comes to finances and be presented with some amazing money making opportunities. And don’t be afraid to take risks cuz you could get incredibly lucky. And by the end of the month, you’ll feel very mentally stimulated. You might wanna learn a new skill or take on a writing project or even expand upon your business.

Gemini, this is the month you’ve been waiting for because we’re approaching your season. And Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion and good fortune, is entering your sign at the end of may, where it’ll stay for a year. So you’re going to be blessed. You’re going to be fortunate, you’re gonna be abundant, you’re gonna feel good and optimistic for an entire year. But at the beginning of may, it’s going to be a little bit of a slower period, a more internal period. You’re like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon this month. So take the beginning of the month to really get in touch with your inner world, to connect your intuition, to rest, to recuperate so that you can emerge at the end of the month when your season comes as this beautiful trans formed butterfly, ready to embrace all the abundance and goodness this world has to offer, I am so excited for you.

Gemini Leo. What an amazingly abundant month for your career. You’re gonna feel creatively inspired and whatever you put out there will be recognized. It will be appreciated and acknowledged. And that is a very fulfilling experience for you because you have worked so hard and you’re attracting very lucky opportunities in your career right now. New doors are opening for you, and it’s really up to you how far you wanna take this energy. The sky is the limit for you right now. But don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve come cuz you work so hard, you could have the opportunity for romance at some point in this month. So keep your heart open. And by the end of the month, you could be aligning with some incredibly powerful and inspirational people to come together and just put out more creative and inspiring work.

Libra, wow, I don’t even recognize you. Like, who is that person? You have transformed and changed so much in the past month. You’re a whole new person. You’re so much stronger now. And at the beginning of may, you could still be purging and releasing a lot of heavier emotions that may have arisen for you last month during the eclipse season. But you’re moving into being the most magnetic and powerful version of yourself, which I love for you. But you’re going to be continuing on this transformational and healing journey in the month, but it’s gonna feel a lot lighter. And you may be attracted to alternative forms of therapy or even plant medicine or anything alternative. Whatever you do this month in regards to your healing is gonna be super powerful, super effective, and it’s gonna help you on your healing path. So embrace the unconventional methods of healing and your intimacy with your partner is gonna deepen this month in a very healing and transformative way as well. And by the end of the month, you could feel inspired to take a trip to a foreign place or even feel inspired to go back to school.

Sagittarius, you’re shifting into more of a creative position at work or you could be getting a new job altogether. You’re feeling very inspired, you’re having positive experiences at work, and you’re feeling more drawn towards helping others with the work that you’re doing. You wanna be more at service to others. So embrace that because that could lead you to some beautiful places. But you’re feeling really good this month because Jupiter, the ruler of your sign is aligning with Venus. It’s aligning with the sun. So you’re gonna be feeling vibrant and magnetic and a abundant, beautiful, lucky, inspired. It’s great month for you. And then by the end of the month, Jupiter is moving into Gemini, which is your seventh house of relationship. So you’re gonna be blessed and anything that has to do with partnerships, with relationships, with long term commitment, you could get married in the next year or get engaged. And this is a really exciting time to put yourself out there and start a relationship or deepen the one that you’re already in.

Aquarius, you’re having some very positive and healing experiences at home with your family. You are healing your past, your childhood. You’re feeling lighter. You’re feeling better. You’re setting long term goals and plans for the future in regards to relocating or buying a home, if you’re looking to buy a home right now, you could have really good access to real estate right now and get really lucky. This is a great time to invest and think about long term plans and think about where you want to put down roots of your own.

And by the end of the month, Jupiter will be moving into your fifth house of romance and creativity, which is gonna be so amazing for you because you could have a lot of beautiful experiences with lovers. You could create a lot of inspiring art for others to enjoy. And you could just be feeling more playful, light and really connected to your inner child.