Impressions and Passwords: A Fun Game Night with Yoda, Elmo, and The Godfather

The password is Yoda. I just think this would be fun. I’m gonna pass.

Password. You might do an impression of.

Father. Father. Father.


The first clue was father.

You got this ready? Okay. Yes. Skywalker, Yoda. Cheryl. I never watched it. She, wait, let’s, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. In her defense, she’s never seen Star Wars. There’s no defense for that, man. I know liner for that. No, it takes time to clip coupons. You don’t have time film. Right.

It’s still the beginning of the second round. Anna Marie, you’ve got the honors. Do you wanna play or do you wanna pass?

The password is Elmo.

This is password. You might do an impression of.

I would like to play sesame.

Big birds. Two words that never be the password.

Oh my God. Hey, you know. And how is the fans? He’s never seen Sesame Street.

Alright, we’re over here with you, Jimmy.

And Elmo. Oh, God. My favorite demo. Great. Even I forgive you. You got.

10 points. Anna, you, we still gotta get you something on the board. But hey, it’s still time. It’s on you, Howie. Do you wanna play or do you wanna pass?

The password is Godfather. She doesn’t get out a lot. I’m gonna pass. Asha.

If you get this, then you’ve officially force the tiebreaker. Okay, you’re ready. Do it. Let’s do it. Passwords. You might do an impression of. Watch your hands, judges. You better hike him back with your.



Mafia. We got it. Oh, my. We got it. Okay. All right. Here we go. This is for 5 points at password. You might do an impression of. And the first clue was family. Okay. Movie. What was that.

Movie? Oh, trying to do the impression. It was brilliant impression happened. Me. He’s doing Yoda again. He can’t stop doing Yoda. No, it’s uncanny. I’m telling the people at home, close your eyes and tell me who this is. Let me hear it again. Movie. Okay. Sopranos.

The first clue was family. The second was movie. Yes, this is password. You might do an impression. Hello?

Godmother. Godfather. Thank you. Never seen it. Never come. She let us off.