Quick and Easy King Prawn Dinner with Sweet Chili Rice Recipe

Hi. Dinner tonight. Finally got around to doing it. So king prawns, sweet chili rice, just from a packet. If you want to make your own rice, obviously feel free. It’s just a quick, easy dinner for snack. And lemon and garlic and red chili and a little bit of fresh coriander. So I’ll show you the ingredient. Let’s get started. There we go. So just a little pinch of coriander. There’s the rest of the packet. And then the prawns and lemon, garlic and chili. The chili is a little bit on its last legs, but is the anyone got left? So we’re gonna go for it. Let’s get chopping.

Side note, when you’ve opened your herbs or spices or whatever, just give the pack a squeeze and a twist before you put it away and it will last a lot longer. And again, a lot of people think you have to add a whole pack to everything, whereas I would use that for curries and other dinners. So don’t use a whole pack of everything you can. Take the rubber band off of the time, add a sprinkle on your mushrooms or whatever you’re doing and then use it for more and more meals. And they’re about 79 p, so they do go a long way and it elevates the flavor a lot. So do that. So I’ve rinsed the prawns, which you can do or not, it’s up to you, and put them to one side with the coriander. I’ve removed most of the stems, but I don’t always, it just turns how you feel. But then give it a light shop. This mic is a bit , but as long as it’s chopped up a bit, that’ll do for me. A bit. Roughly chops. And then if we go for the garlic, take the knife or something. What, maybe a mini mallet is what I use. Move that way, do it a crack and you can break off a few cloves like that. If we say those three.

And then again, if you wanna remove the peel, give it a little, that was a bit hard, but give it a little smash and same again just to get that out of the way. And then from there, you can chop your garlic or mint it as I have for that one. Then I should go one more for good measure. Yeah, let’s go for that one. Okay, move that up there. Remove that and give that a little truck as well. There you go. That’ll do.

And then with the chili, take off the top, take off the elements. Get rid of that, and then give it an open like that. And once open, you should be able to scrape it with your fingers and get most of those seeds out.

So I’m gonna do now, like I don’t really do this every sync, but all the bin, but commonly demonstrated very easy over there. So that is it. There you go. Get rid of all that lot, obviously, energy chili. So you can then get rid of that bit and then you should be able to cut it like the amber. There you go. And that’s our chili. And then we’ll just take the end of the lemon, maybe take another segment off of there like that. And that is what we’ll pinch through at the end to give it a little taste of obviously lemon.

Right? So next, gonna turn the pan to medium high, little drizzle of oil, let that warm up. Don’t need it on high for president take on to cook. Right. Oil is warm. So chilly. And garlic can go in. Just don’t like this cuz it’s one handed. And obviously save your coriander for the end to top. Let that fry off for a second and infuse the oil with garlic and chili. And then you can add your prawns. Give that a second. So get a little bit of color on them by and flip them. And then obviously, when we add the rice, it’ll all sort of just cook in the rice. So don’t worry about frying it for two long. Just get that flavor sort of mixed in. Give it a shake or whatever. Well, we’ve got a nice little sizzle on here. So I’d say in a second we can add the rice. So it’s been about one and a/2 to 2 minutes. And then we’ll just throw the rice in, turn the heat down and let it all cook together. Can add a little soy sauce if you feel like it. Drop in some frozen peas if you’re feeling fancy. Give them a little star. And they don’t take long. So help off.

Shake. Give that a little left handed shake up. There you go. Looking good. There you go. All done. Get that in about. And then we can add a sprinkle of coriander broccoli leaf there and finish with our lemon wedges that we made earlier with Marcel squeeze. And that is dinner. Have a nice evening, chase. And there you go. King prawn, chili, lemon, garlic, rice, coriander and a few peas. Absolutely lovely. Have to try prawn. He goes, that’s really good. Really good try. Let me know how you go. Choose.