Transformation to True Autumn: A Color Analysis Journey

This virtual color analysis client was absolutely shocked when she received her true autumn, fully warm undertone result from me because in the past she had been color analyzed as a true summer, which is a fully cool undertone palette. I’m thrilled that she’s granted me permission to share her color analysis update with you because her journey really provides examples of some of the things I’ve shared in my other videos. And one of these things is this particular client had assumed because of her eye color, she had a cool undertone, and this eye color can be seen in autumns for sure. A picture that was just on the screen and this email were instant feedback items that she sent in once she received her results. And once she received her results, she did schedule a false follow up zoom session with me where we had a fun chat about how she had been enjoying playing with her true autumn colors and we talked about her hair color during that chat. Before she had changed her hair color, she had sent in this picture wearing one of our true autumn colors. And you can see that there is harmony with the color and her skin. There’s a lot of power happening to her eyes.

But this look is not optimal for her because her hair color is outside of the true autumn range. She have been coloring her hair quite some time in this blonde hair color. In hair salons, many of us are told that it’s time to go blonde, to hide the grays. And I don’t know if this client had done that approach, but I’m just addressing that situation in general because sometimes low maintenance hair and adding vibrancy to your look are two different hair colors.

And I look at that as a client decision. Do you want low maintenance hair or do you wanna add vibrancy to your look? There’s no right answer to that. It’s really just a personal decision.

And I also say though, is if you’re getting a color analysis done, you won’t achieve the full benefits of wearing your best colors if your hair color hasn’t been aligned to the recommendations for the palette. If you’re coloring your hair just because three sides of your face are framed with a color that doesn’t add vibrancy and smoothness to skin. And past color analysis checks, there’s only so much down here can do.

Just going back to one of the before pictures she provided in a true summer family color on her top. Then here’s her transitioning to her autumn colors, absent of the hair color change. Here she is with her hair color update. She’s on route to a true autumn hair color. Sometimes it’s a bit of a process to get there if you’re starting off from a very different color from where you are intending to go.

But here she is on route to a true autumn hair colors. It’s definitely in the deeper value range. And you can see her and she talked about in our update email that she just sent in like the power to our eyes that have been added for diving in and talking about this clip, I just want to say the angles of the camera were taken slightly different in these pictures. So don’t look at the shape of her face, but look at her coloring and power to the eyes happening in the true autumn side here.

Oh, over here. You know, her skin is patchy and there’s disconnection between the summer coloring here and her skin. There’s another before and after side by side. Skin is smooth. Her eyes have a lot of power. You know, there’s connection between the color and her skin. There’s disconnection over here. Skins patchy. Here’s what she sent in with her updated pictures with the deeper value hair color.

I am so happy for this client. Thank you so much to this virtual color analysis client for sharing your update with all of us. I’m so beyond happy for you. I’m filled with appreciation for you. And if I had my poms with me, I would be waving them wildly and going yay through autum.