Unlocking the Power of AI and ChatGPT: A Journey to Extract Maximum Entrepreneurial Horsepower with GPT Ninja

Well, but it sound like an old man right here, but I’m thinking about how long you should take me to find out my customer Avatar, my customer demographics when I was, you know, trying to create products online. I’ve been doing this for, this is my 14th year I’ve been doing digital entrepreneurship. And with the advent of AI and ChatGPT in the whole world has changed. This is the best time you’ve heard me say time again, the best time in the history to planet to be an entrepreneur. The berries of entry and entrepreneurship have been lowered so much and it’s primarily because of AI and ChatGPT. But I don’t think we’re using for most people are using AI and ChatGPT the most effective way. And that’s what I’m trying to teach you in GPT and Ninja, how to extract the most horsepower out of ChatGPT.

You see where chat, GBT and these large language models are really excelling right now isn’t the brainstorming piece the research piece? Most people are thinking about creating content, which again, it’s good thinking about blog posts, articles, ebooks and all that kind of stuff. But where really comes into play is in the beginning stages, what I call the alignment and clarity phase. Let me minimize my face here, but you maybe you’ve seen me talking about this, but when you get into GPT Ninja, you know, I’m gonna give you the tools, I’m gonna give you the people, but I’m also gonna give you the plan. That plan is 3 phase, alignment and clarity, market ready, mastery, launch and grow. Well, it’s just alignment and clarity phase where things are, where the large language model really kicks ass, primarily in the idea niche selection, which you’ve seen me do many videos on here. And at the end of this alignment and clarity phase, you get a detailed brand summary. And let me just show you my brand summary. It’s a document that looks something like this is my actual brand summary that I did for GPT Ninja a few months ago. I need to redo it again because I’m do adding some new products. But you can see it’s this comprehensive document that I’ve extracted. It’s basically a series of 13 prompts that tells me everything about the brand, tells Chat GBT, the context about GBT Ninja.

Now, most importantly, when we’re talking about that customer Avatar, in this case, it gave me four personas, and you can see it right here. Entrepreneur Ellie, Marketer Mike, creator Carla, Startup Steve, the demographics, the kind of psychographics, they’re buying habits, a day in the life, very comprehensive stuff.

Again, it used to take me, I mean, it was a lot of work to get this. It would take me a couple months of dedicated work to can I get this?

Now I can do it a matter of minutes sometimes, you know, two hours max. I have all this. And so now I got this alignment and clarity. So what do you do with it? Well, certainly from brainstorming digital products and everything else, but from a marketing perspective, you think about like value ladders. I mean, if you’re reading a book, say you’re reading dot com secrets, for example, and you wanna create a value ladder, or maybe you’re reading Story Brand by Donald Miller. These large language models recognize that.

And so in that case, let me just show you, this is a prompt thing, right? Let’s just say if we wanted to create a value letter, again, I’ve created many value letters over the years, and they would take so much time.

And now I can do it just a matter of minutes because I spent just a little bit of time with Chatsiby’s help to write this prompt. And I said, hey, act as Russell Brunson and your task is to help me create a detailed step by step value ladder for my given brand. And for each step of the ladder, give me description, the offer, the marking purpose, the recommended timeline, and then the response should be conference strategic, and so on. And sure that it maximizes. So that’s just all kind of explicit language to get them the most out of the prompt. And so let’s use this prompt right here. And let’s create a value ladder for GPT Ninja just to show you.

Now this would be your brand. So I’m gonna paste this. I’m gonna minimize my face a little bit more or so you can see. And I’ll just paste that prompt in there.

Now I’m gonna attach my brand in there, right? That brand summary document that I was telling you about. And I’m gonna take this word document I showed you, so I’m gonna attach it in there. Okay, and so I’m also gonna attach my Donald Miller. I did a work Donald Miller story brand dot document in here. So it knows even more context that’s even has some language that’s more relevant to what GBD and just doing now. And let’s see if it creates a value ladder for me. So there it is. And again, just in a matter of minutes, I created tons of value ladders.

Now it took all that information, that context that I had, again, that I did in the alignment and clarity phase, and it’s given me a basically five step ladder. You know, here’s my kind of my lead magnet, here’s my kind of second offer, step 3, step 4, and step 5, and so on. It’s a little bit outdated. I don’t use the Road map 2 point Omega bundle anymore.

Now I have a mastermind. It does. The documents I gave didn’t have that mastermind info in there. But there we go, at least at the start, and I can start building my value ladder.

Now, again, this works in any large language model. I wanted it to show it. I did this in perplexity. I’m a big fan of perplexity because it’s a great research tool. I put that same prompt in here and I attach the PDF of my latest incarnation of this, the story brand, you know, kind of gave it the context. It did a lot of searching and looking. A lot of it shows you what it was using. And it says same thing, here’s the value ladder for GPT Ninja Introduction, webinar, and AI Essentials core course, a integration toolkit, man, say a mastermind group, which sounds more like the GPD Energy mastermind, and then consulting, which would be the next step once you get in the mastermind and where GP Ninja would go. So this is probably more in line with a value ladder that’s relevant to today.

And then I went even a step further in perplexity here. And I said, hey, referencing my brand, can give me a list of the top 10 places my dream 100 customers are congregating online. You did this in perplexity because it does research and look, it did all this kind of research. And look, it gave me 10 with links where my ideal customer, based on what the information I gave it on the brand where they would be hanging out. Reddit, indie hackers, Product Hunt, Hacker News, no code, AI form, web growth hackers meet up, Sasa line and space warriors. And so this, the point is this is that using AI and chat, GBTD’s large language models are more than just creating content, creating blog posts, creating ebooks for you, everything else. This is a, it’s the perfect research tool. This is the best brainstorming tool we’ve been gifted with in the history of planet. That’s why this is the best time to be an entrepreneur. You are now using large language models, AI and ChatGPT, to enhance your entrepreneur journey. Nobody’s teaching how to do this except in GPT Ninja. This is what we’re passionate about here is learning how to extract the maximum horsepower out of all these large language models. And these brainstorming techniques, which exponentially cuts down on the time in getting your idea that’s in here to market where you can start making money. That’s what we do. That’s why GPT Ninja exists. So if you’re interested in joining this community, again, we’re turning in a subscription based model, but this is a very powerful mastermodel. I’d unlike anything else out there, a servant leadership mastermind that’s gonna help you get these ideas out of your head. Get him into the market and start having you start building a community and start mastering your time. Getting some financial independence and unlocking that inner entrepreneur and leading a life is significance. If you want to learn more how to do that, DM me and I can tell you all about it.